The benefits of a calendar!

Blog Post created by Stacy LAMBERT on Feb 6, 2018

The new school year has started in Australia, and the calendar is already one of the favourite features for our new high school students and parents. It has helped them get organised, understand what to bring and know what they are doing in class in advance. Flipped learning at its most basic, however very important all the same. Surprisingly, some (not many) of our students are not on social media yet and use the calendar, announcements, and Canvas messaging as their form of communication and information sources. 

It is also helping staff stay organised and communicate with colleagues as to where they are up to with lessons if they share classes.

Yet, some of the best feedback has come from parents of students with special needs - knowing what is going on prior to class helps reduce anxiety! Especially at the beginning of the year! Simple, effective and organised!

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