Jonathan Yoder

The Unknown...

Blog Post created by Jonathan Yoder Champion on Feb 20, 2018

   Complacency can really stunt our students' growth. As teachers we try to help our students stay engaged and operating within a growth mindset. However, we don't always take that same advice. A system like Canvas can really be a thorn in many teachers' sides because we as educators often get complacent with teaching the same courses year after year. There is comfort in the known... the material is well prepared and rehearsed, but we need to be sure to stay current with changing trends and the implementation of a LMS and technology is part of that new trend in education.

   It can be very scary to think about changing your own personal "culture", but it can also be quite rewarding. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you don't need to conquer the world. Just try one new thing and really dive into it. Maybe its using the calendar options to help keep your students and parents informed of upcoming assignments and tests even if those assignments and tests are not done online. 

   Those of us who are reading this are probably among the top users at our respective institutions and as a result we have an obligation to help our colleagues who really struggle with this shift in our school culture. Canvas is great in that it really allows for true collaboration on every level! So as you evolve your courses and create new items in your courses don't forget to share that material! Your initiative will inspire your colleagues to try something new. Ultimately the goal is to spread the Canvas love and to make the unknown, known.