Bobby Pedersen

ctrl K - you rock!

Blog Post created by Bobby Pedersen Champion on Feb 24, 2018

Recently a colleague introduced me to ctrl K in Canvas. The magic it can do is pretty cool.

How did we get anything done without it?


For example, a friend I was working with was annoyed with how the links they had put in to their Canvas page were taking them out of Canvas. This was not the end of the world as the back arrow brought them back again BUT if they needed to fill in fields in the new site then this information would be lost on the return back to Canvas. With ctrl K we highlighted the link within the page and made the ‘Target’ become a ‘new window’. Hey presto Canvas stays where it is and the link takes the user to a new window.


Then another colleague knew that their page was way too long and required a lot of scrolling. Using ctrl K they could link to heading bookmarks on the page or create ‘top’ ‘bottom’ of page links.


This might come in handy to have it explained better. @Use Ctrl+K to insert/modify a hyperlink (instead of code) - Meta Stack Exchange 


Has anyone else got a different trick for using ctrl K?

Thank you Tina ctrl K Queen!