Bobby Pedersen

K-12 Home Pages – examples please

Blog Post created by Bobby Pedersen Champion on Apr 7, 2018

It’s still very early days for us using Canvas in Tasmania, and every day sees us discover new features and potential. Canvas is offering so much to our learners. I’m particularly enjoying the way teachers are making the most of Canvas to create courses as spaces to collaborate and share resources between schools.

Participating in the Canvas Community has also provided insight into some of the exciting ways people are using Canvas in their learning environments. We can’t thank the community enough for providing timely advice and support in so many ways. Some super ideas were shared here Best reasons for using Canvas K-6. Thanks for those!

As we are traveling around the state supporting schools with blended learning we are often asked for examples of Canvas being used in primary/elementary classrooms. Course design has become a hot topic with the home page layout being crucial to the way a course operates.

Instructional Designers  K-12  or Canvas User Engagement are you able to share any ideas here?

Please, please, please could we see some examples of the way people are using Canvas in schools? THANKS in advance.