Productive procrastination - AKA report time!

Blog Post created by Stacy LAMBERT on Jun 24, 2018


It's report time.......

I am writing reports.......

I read the article on Continuous student reporting and found it very interesting. Obviously, we at callaghancollegewallsendcampus have Canvas, yet we still have to conform to our twice a year reporting for compliance with the Department of Education. Yet, during my time of productive procrastination, I figured that a student does five core subjects a year, with a general possibility of two electives, possibly three (but for the sake of argument let's go with two). If each core subject does an assessment task on Canvas four times a year, they are getting twenty sets of current, up to date feedback at the point of need, If the two elective classes do four assessment tasks each a year online, that means another eight sets of feedback per year. However, we still have to provide reports on data that can be between four to six weeks out of date. I am not saying the system is bad, I think we just need to maybe keep up with the times and place more importance on quality current feedback from tasks and lessons.

However, on the flip side, during report time, I generally try to find other important tasks to do that are productive - hence the productive procrastination. I average one to two cupboard cleanouts per reporting period. So it's not all bad!  Happy report season.