Wasi Khan

Everything Sucks: revisiting our student selves.

Blog Post created by Wasi Khan on Jul 7, 2018

Since summers have started, I thought I'd share a Netflix series I watched which made me revisit the importance of being an educator, life as a student and the "process" of education in general. Most of you probably have children, and feel like your children are your "connection" to your  similar-aged students. But this is different, the series is called "Everything Sucks" and provides an insider's perspective. 


"Everything Sucks" has only one season out (yet) but it's a refreshing coming of age show about a student who aspires to be a film-maker. It deals into the anxiety, awkwardness, friendships and melodrama during that age quite well. It's bound to make you reminiscence of yourself when you were that age, and since it's set in the 1980s it's a remarkable escape from modern-day living. 


What made this show stick out for me, was that the main character had a passion (and a resulting passion project) and it rekindled the idea in me that formal education can and does play a huge role in nurturing a child's "inner adult". When we grow older, there is a lot of talk about nurturing our "inner child" but there is seldom talk about nurturing a child's inner adult.


To me, it seems like the output in the process of education is to help a student find this "inner adult": their eternal self in an ever-changing world. Most of what defines being an adult is having a career, so is it fair to assume helping a student "find" a profession is a part of the process of education as well? I would love to hear comments about this.  


You can watch the trailer below. If anyone does get the time watch it, please do let me know what you thought about it.  


Meanwhile, happy living!