Trying to prevent wheel reinvention - Stage 5 Outcomes NSW Syllabuses (Australia)

Blog Post created by Stacy LAMBERT on Jul 26, 2018

HI everyone,

This is basically for the small number of people from NSW, Australia. I am starting to work on some ProBL tasks at school and wanted to look at Stage 5 (years 9 & 10) outcomes from the new syllabuses. See if there was any commonality to meet across the project. Put all the new syllabus outcomes (cores only at this stage) on to a spreadsheet with the links to the pages from NESA. If anyone else is doing this - just wanted to share the document so that you might not have to do this later on. Save someone else some time.



PS - if you like the graphic - that is a word cloud of the stage statements - nifty eh! (PS - for the USA people - nifty means good)

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