Nobody slept through PD this afternoon!

Blog Post created by Stacy LAMBERT on Oct 30, 2018

This is more for schools in NSW, but may help those delivering data analysis. 

Tell Them From Me survey results are in - have to do the data analysis for the staff. After a while, there are usually some serious head nodders, and heavy eyelids. Who can blame people - big day at work followed by a PD session after school. 

So this time I flipped it. Instead of me going through the 88 page PowerPoint (I kid you not) for staff, I embedded the PowerPoint on Canvas, split the staff into groups with allocated pages to look at, attached multiple pages of trend data on SharePoint and linked it in, gave them a 20 minute limit and asked them to reply with their findings to questions in a discussion. 

Staff were also emailed the instructions the day before so they could get an idea of what they were doing and the PD session was set up just like a lesson - learning intentions, success criteria and resources. It was 'speed data'. 

The conversations and results that came back in the discussions were amazing. Not to mention the sneaky 'modelling' for staff using pages, links, embedded files and discussions. A total win today, building capacity with data analysis and utilisation, collaboration across all staff and of course - no snoring! 




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