Alissa Amundson

Encouraging Student Reflection on Feedback

Blog Post created by Alissa Amundson Employee on Sep 30, 2019

Many of us have spent HOURS providing constructive feedback on student assessments.  Personally, I have used both hand written feedback AND online feedback in an effort to have my students use the feedback I meticulously provide to actually improve their work.


I love Speedgrader on Canvas specifically because it does make feedback accessible and impossible for students to lose in their backpacks!


I read an article published on NCTE's blog titled: Commenting on Comments: Getting Students to Read and Understand Feedback by Anne Mooney and created this assignment (with rubric and links to applicable Canvas Guides) to help turn my students back to my feedback.


The assignment (and rubric) is available on the Canvas Commons and you are welcome to adapt it to your needs: