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As I begin my new roll as a Canvas Admin for my district I am constantly meeting with teachers to help them begin or continue their journey with Canvas.  There are many times I work with the teachers on items such as the steps of Creating a Google Cloud Assignment or Cross-listing their classes together or creating an online assignment and even though they do fine with the steps when I am there to with them, they sometimes ask me if I have a document with the steps for them.  Most of the time I point them in the direction of the Canvas Help guides but over the past few months I have started creating One-Page Documents for the teachers so they have the directions in an easy format with step by step directions.  I hope you find these directions helpful.  All of these documents have been created in google drawings so feel free to make a copy and customize as you like.


Adding a Rubric to a Google Cloud Assignment

Adding Questions to a Canvas Quiz

Adding and Responding to Video Announcements

Creating a Google Cloud Assignment

Creating an Online Submission Assignment

Introduction to the Canvas Dashboard

Introduction to Canvas Quizzes

Canvas Quiz Setup

Getting Started with Canvas

Parents Observing Multiple Students

Options for Posting Canvas Assignments for Students

Importing Course Content from Another Course/Commons

Cross-Listing Courses


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