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Amanda Jones

New to Canvas?

Posted by Amanda Jones Jun 21, 2017

Until this week, I had little experience with Canvas, other than using it in Professional Development, basically as a student myself. I took a step outside of my comfort zone and signed up for a Canvas Expert course. This course pushed me to explore Canvas in ways I had never thought were possible. I learned so much about the functionality and uses of Canvas. When they call it an "Expert" course, they are not kidding. This course will definitely help you become more of an expert at utilizing all of the features of Canvas. There were times that I struggled and became frustrated, but in the end I figured out what was required and I feel so much more confident going into next school year.


My favorite new found features are the linked Mastery Connect function as well as the linked Google Drive function. I will definitely be using these external tools moving forward. You can import your assessments directly from Mastery Connect to be taken inside the Canvas LMS. This makes life so much easier! You can also add any document from Google Drive and Canvas automatically makes a copy for each student to turn in. I am so excited to try this out with my students!


If you are new to Canvas I highly suggest taking this course! If you don't feel comfortable taking an expert level course there are other courses that can help you become more confident in navigating Canvas and creating your class, such as Canvas Camp Out.

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