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   types of locks

   Lately, I have heard about teachers using "Escape Room" type activities to increase student engagement for group practice of content information.  This can be done through Canvas using the module settings and very simple quiz questions.  (Fill in the blank can allow your answers to be anything!)

   To begin the teacher needs to decide how many "boxes" the students need to "unlock", this will determine the number of modules needed.  From here students will be given "clues" on paper or in a page in canvas.  The clues are designed to have the students practice a set skill on a set objective.  Once the students have solved the clue they will go to the quiz and put in their answer.  If the answer is not correct the quiz will give the students a grade of zero/not complete and this does not allow them to go on to the next "clue" in the next module.  The goal would be to have the groups competing against other groups to solve all the clues first.  

   Another layer could be added to this my using the mastery paths tool and let the quiz sent the students to a "time out page" that has a counter when they do not answer the quiz question correctly.  This idea is only limited by the designer's imagination.  So grab a friend and get it a try.

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