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Beth Crook

Sign School in Canvas

Posted by Beth Crook Champion Nov 15, 2016

We are a 9-12 Boarding School in the Mid-Atlantic and we currently have a member of our facilities staff who is hearing impaired.   From his first month, he immersed himself right into our community, not only with his job responsibilities, but becoming a volunteer coach for football and always saying a friendly "Hello" as he walks around campus.   Unbeknownst to him, we have just signed on with SignSchool and integrated their lessons right into a Canvas course. SignSchool LTI makes it very easy to add lessons to Modules and uses your webcam to show you practicing side-by-side with the recorded instructor!  Over the Thanksgiving holiday, members of our student body and employees are planning to learn some ASL and then return with a surprise.   We are thankful to have him as a member of our community and plan to show our thanks with the gift of conversation!

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