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BJ Williams

A Canvas Masterpiece

Posted by BJ Williams Jul 18, 2017

Canvas... always used by painters to create grand masterpieces. People always say,"start with a clean canvas." Or to "canvas" an area-- to look over it carefully. While neither one actually describes the Canvas LMS exactly, the way I have used Canvas in the classroom embodies each one of the uses of canvas mentioned above.


Canvas is the platform for teachers to create grand masterpieces for their classes. How does this work? Think about it, every time you start a painting, you outline the actual image, you want to make sure the structure of the image is what you want it to be. That is where the layout comes in to play. Instructors have the capability to make the Canvas LMS layout extremely simple or complex for the audience that will be using it.


After getting the layout the way you want it, then comes the outlining of images and shapes and bringing the course to life. This is the module feature that I love about Canvas. I love that I can begin by creating a module that will guide my students' learning for the week or the unit. I can add all of the materials I need them to access using pages, assignments, quizzes, and external links and apps. Once the modules are complete and everything that I need. Once all has been loaded and its done, I know that I have taken this blank Canvas, and turned it into a course masterpiece.

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