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How do the "old-schoolers" like myself, use technology see and do math? Math is not just an answer but math is about the route you take to come to the solution. If you are like me, you like working things out on paper, or being able to highlight and manipulate a worksheet. Our students also like to do the same, well most of them. This year our state introduce the math EOG online. The look in there eyes were scary, as their teacher. We prepped them with prior online tests but when it comes to the real thing, it is just not the same as it was.


So what do we do in this time of the tech boom. We had a tech boom in the late 1990's and early 2000's but this is a tech boom for everyone, not just those in Silicon Valley. The answer might be scary but... we need to change our ways and learn to adapt. We have to modify and recreate lesson plans that we have using for 5,10, 15 years.


Using Canvas, we can find new and innovative ways to do such thing in math that we did not think if before. I have some examples below to help guide you (and me!) in this new age of school's relationship with technology.


1. Canvas has many great features. One is, discussions. Every have the situation of "why do we need this" or "why does it matter if I change a negative sign over an inequality...". This tool helps students express ideas and collaborate and ponder together. Students can receive a participation grade and "like" other students ideas. Play around and see what you can do!


2. Instant quiz results can either be a hindrance or a blessing. Canvas makes it easy to set parameters on what you want students to see after they quiz. Do you want them to see the correct answers, do you want them to be able to retake? The possibilities for quizzes is boundless.


3. Do you enjoy having a clean desk and classroom? Do you like not having stacks of paper? Well, Canvas is for you! The best part, Canvas can drop your grades right into your gradebook!


I hope you found some useful information and that you get out there and explore!

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