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Today I worked with some teachers of K-2 students.  They did not want students to have to log on individually and they have about 1:5 ratio so the workload in logon/off management would be quite high and a barrier to using Canvas.  I suggested keeping reading logs using discussions.   We set up a group set where each student was the only member of their group.  Then set up a discussion and made it a group discussion on this set.   The teacher could then access a space for each student , record the student reading and make notes relevant to the reading assessment.  All as discussion posts.  The students don't need to log in individually but the teacher can keep a record of each students progress over time.   This changed the mind of several Early Childhood teacher who had come to the PL with the idea that canvas had nothing to offer them.   There is a solution for every (most) purpose teachers have.

Our system has not opened the Parent app yet, so I have been looking for a way to show student work to parents, while staying in the Canvas environment.

I have been investigating the idea of using a discussion - set up using groups, so that there is only one student and the teacher in each group.  Students then have a private communication line with their teacher.  They can add images, text, audio etc using it as a reflective journal space.  If the discussion is set to be marked and it then becomes available to add as a submission to the ePortfolio.  Teachers can then ask the students to share the link to the eportfolio with their parents.

The class teacher can monitor the discussion, provide feedback and make suggestions.  The eportfolio is updated as new posts are made, so it is always up to date.   Parents can see what their child is doing at school. 

I still have to check that it will work in a real class but it has potential to solve our issues until the Parent app is released.

Isobel Williams

Showcase Student Work

Posted by Isobel Williams Sep 27, 2018

I have been thinking about ways to showcase student work in a Gallery Walk type of experience in Canvas.  I have had several teachers ask about solutions for this.

Sway via Office365 - you can upload images or videos and add text if required.  The sway can be embedded in a course and students could move through it at their own pace.

Photos in Windows - you can create short videos using photos.  This can be uploaded to your course as media. It seems to be a much simpler version of photostory and is quite quick and easy to use if you have the images ready to go. Text can be added.  The pictures will play through so give each image enough time to be seen.

Photostory3  - this can be downloaded and is the great app it always was.  Use photos you have on your computer to create  videos. Zoom in on important aspects of an image and add text and transitions.  This is a bit more complex to master but is worth the effort.

Add to your Canvas by uploading through the media link.

Happy sharing.

Isobel Williams

Printing Rubrics

Posted by Isobel Williams Sep 24, 2018

We found a roundabout way to print out rubrics - In the mark-book select a student then select marks from their Activity card.   This brings up a list of all their assignments.  There are icons next to the assignment and these will expand score, feedback and rubric.     If you expand these you can then print out the whole list of assignments - I limit it to the page or pages with the relevant rubric.    Its is a bit of a fiddle to have to do it for every student but it is a solution if you need/ want a paper copy.    


These reports from Common Sense Media always make for an interesting read.   -  This is worth a look at and thinking about how it might apply to the young people we work with. 

I am surprised that social media makes teens feel less lonely and less depressed.  Maybe not the ones I work with!  But we really need to take into account the differences between students with high and low social and emotional well being.




In my role I am helping roll out Canvas across the state to teachers K-12.  After working with teachers of differing stages of experience with LMS I decided to try and make it easier for them to decide where to start.  I found that lots of teachers thought that they needed full year long courses with everything their class needed in one spot.  This document is designed as a "place mat"  for teachers to position themselves on and perhaps just focus on learning to do one thing really well eg assignments before adding other tools like discussions or quizzes.

I have had teachers look at this after telling me that Canvas wont be for them - breath a sigh of relief after seeing they don't have to create everything at once - just focus on one thing that will save them time.

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