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When I first started teaching, my classes consisted of 20 to 23 students in Florida. Here in North Carolina, I have 28 to 35 students in each class. Also, not only having more students I have an additional class to teach. Having 180 to 200 students now, I need to grade constantly. My first year in North Carolina was very stressful and my Sunday's were consisted of grading...until now! 


Canvas has offered a way to give students automatic feedback without running to the scan-tron grader and trying to look at the data when Canvas offers that in one click. Having 200 students is now easy with the help of canvas. The students love the automatic feedback and it is now possible to differentiate within the classroom by using Mastery Paths. If you are not using canvas, I can't stress enough how you need to try it! I am a firm believer that canvas has made my life easier. 

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