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Joshua Howard

Canvas Assessments

Posted by Joshua Howard Jun 20, 2017

Canvas offers several assessment tools you can use to track and improve student learning in your courses.  Use the links below to find guides, walkthroughs, and videos on how to enable the full functionality of student learning assessment in Canvas, allowing you to monitor student progress across learning outcomes and target pedagogical interventions to improve student learning.

Whether you call it a mid-term, exam, quiz, test, evaluation, survey --- Canvas creates all assessments using the 'quizzes' tool.


Different types of Quizzes

There are 2 different quiz 'types' in Canvas:

  • Quiz: Most common assessment. Questions will automatically be evaluated based on right or wrong answers.
  • Survey: Most common form of evaluation. Can be administered anonymously. Questions will not be evaluated based on right or wrong answers. 

As always, quizzes and surveys can be graded or ungraded. Graded quizzes and surveys will be listed as 'assignments' and will have a column associated in the gradebook. Ungraded quizzes are considered practice quizzes.

Simply put, Canvas makes teaching and learning easier. It’s intuitive, collaborative, and you can access it anytime, anywhere, on any device. Being easy to learn, easy to implement, and radically easy to use makes Canvas that much easier for teachers to adopt. Simple is what Canvas does better than anyone else.


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