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When talking about a new topic of skill that you want students to master or at least grow in, it can be difficult to get everyone. Of course differentiation is nothing new, but with the use of canvas and specifically the mastery paths feature we have a new option.


Students may enter a new topic having zero prior knowledge or a lot of it. Canvas can be set up to give a pre assessment and then set students automatically down different paths as a result. Different videos and instructional actives can be added to various levels in places where students will need them most in order to get them to where they need to be. Students who understand the content will be able to prove this and advance to more challenging and rigorous activities at a pace suitable with them.

If the time and effort is put into developing mastery paths, it can go well beyond a simple pre assessment and continue to branch off in very specific directions in order to address all student needs down to the smallest details.

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