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Hi Everyone,

This is my 1st blog post and I apologize if it duplicates thoughts that have been previously shared.  I have used CANVAS for 3 years and I love it!  Thank You.




Use shared teacher access to a course to enhance teacher mentoring, especially using questions banks for shared assessments.



Last year I mentored a new teacher in a course in which we both taught separated sections.  We functioned as a PLC.. Prior to last year my mentee used CANVAS, which our school district provided, to deliver course resources.  However, he did not have detailed CANVAS experience and resorted to paper quizzes for assessments.  Initially, I exported to him CANVAS quizzes I had developed, but we both wanted to use Question Banks.  Our system limitations coupled with the size of our courses led to difficulty using export/import.   The idea arose for him to have access to my course, which we found our system administrator could do for us.  Now my mentee had a course model to consult.  Happily, we found he could directly use my question bank for questions for his quizzes.  As his experience grew, he too began writing questions in our shared question banks.  This became an extremely valuable resource for us and most importantly our kids.  We believe this contributed to our students' best performance to date on our state's EOC.


I hope this post is helpful to some and might yield some comments on how we can extend this approach.  Cheets!

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