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I am pretty fluent in technology related things, especially compared to my current professional peers. So, as a tech leader, I walked into a Canvas Expert feeling confident that I could tackle the LMS and be equipped for my best year of digital-based instruction and facilitation yet. Well, my confidence has been softened by a whole new world of possibilities and returned me to the position of a true learner. I am no longer coasting thorugh a course but really wishing for more time to explore all the amazing features of Canvas. The positive is that there is so much I will be able to do now to streamline and enhance digital learning for my students. Some things I will be able to utilize for the first time or in better ways include: conferencing (to tutor, for students to practice presentations, guest speakers, & more), Google Integration (to embed better constructed documents and presentations, copy without sharing, and more), and Outcomes (to track mastery and create strategic groups).  While I have a lot to learn, I am really excited about being able to do all this with my students. 

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