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      I will admit... I am a newbie to Canvas. As a kindergarten teacher, I never thought that Canvas would be an appropriate tool for my to use with my young students. I am moving down to pre-K for this upcoming school year and still struggle to see how I can effectively use Canvas with my students. After getting some advice and suggestions from other learners in a "Canvas Expert" class, I think I have finally figured out a way to be able to implement this great program and resource into my curriculum for my students: their parents!


      Just like any upper elementary, middle or high school course, there are standards, goals and expectations in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. While these young ones are probably not going to be able to maneuver a Canvas course on their own, there is most likely an adult in their life that can figure it out! Even if it is someone else clicking through each module, video, presentation or assignment, young students can still have exposure to the material that they are expected to learn in these early grades. In this case, using a Canvas course will also hold my students' family members accountable for their learning and progress.


      As I begin to build a course for my pre-K class for this year, I know that I need to consider the types of assignments and content that is included in my course. I plan on using modules to separate different skills/standards. I plan on using YouTube to help embed interactive and engaging content for my 3-5 year old students. I plan on trying to use mastery paths to provide extra practice or enrichment opportunities for each student. I plan on including assignments that require uploading videos or pictures of student work that is completed at home.


      I am open to any other advice, suggestions, tips! Has anyone else used a Canvas course for these pre-K or kindergarten and found it to be effective? What issues have you run into regarding parents using Canvas for their young children?

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