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So, I got my module page set up and looking the way I wanted it to look


Integumentary System Module screenshot


and I thought I would show just how easy it is to do something similar. For starters, I am leaning very heavily on the awesome blog post "Using JQuery without Custom Javascript" by Jeremy Perkins and the "Ed Tech Showcase Series" by Sean Nufer


Getting Started

First thing you need to know about programming is that by and large, programmers hate to reinvent the wheel. That means that snippets of code are shared freely and serve as building blocks to creating bigger and better things. As teachers, the sharing culture is (hopefully) an integral part of your teaching experience. 


So to get started, I really liked the tabbed page example that Jeremy Perkins shows in his blog post, so I grabbed the snippet of code and got started. 


Now I have the tabs framework added to the page, Huzzah! But it is a small victory because it isn't really mine yet. So now to get in under the hood and start modifying. First things first, I need 5 tabs, not just 3. And I want to change their labels to Intro, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Conclusion. 



In the next post, I'll go into how to change text colors, tab colors, and content area background colors. 

Shawn Moore

Playing with HTML - Part 1

Posted by Shawn Moore Sep 20, 2017

I discovered this excellent post by Jeremy Perkins, titled Using J Query without custom Javascript. I immediately set to work making my next set of Assignments (and my first Module) something more attention getting than just a long scrolling page. I'm familiar with HTML and comfortable enough to modify snippets of code, so I started copying, pasting, and tinkering. 

Integumentary System Module screenshot

I'm very excited to make an assignment page into something more engaging and I'm even more excited to play with code and get in under the hood to see how I can soup this thing up! To go to the second installment click here!

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