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I recently reconfigured what was initially a PLC reflection rubric that I utilized with history teachers (in a previous life) into a Canvas Usage Reflection rubric.


The idea was to blend the core attributes of blended learning (student control and choice) with the 4 Cs (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication) in one rubric that could serve as a reference for Canvas users, regardless of their 'level' of usage.


Once the basics were laid out, I attempted to add hyperlinks where there were beneficial, at least in my opinion.


Please feel free to download and adapt for your purposes and please share what strategies and/or resources you've utilized to empower Canvas users to own and drive their own 'next steps'. Thank you!

We worked hard to provide relevant and tiered professional learning offerings for our users this past summer. While these sessions were delivered in F2F environments (that allowed for participation by enrolled learners in discussions, quizzes, etc.), I've created stand-alone, public-facing versions of each so that any user who was unable to attend can at least access the sessions' resources.


Please feel free to make use of these courses, as desired! 


  • Deep Discussions - a course designed to ensure your online and blended discussions are well-designed and productive. Access Deep Discussions via Canvas Course Groups.
  • Formative Feedback Tools - this course goes beyond merely introducing Canvas' awesome communication tools, as it emphasizes the reasons why quality feedback is essential to student growth and learning. Access Formative Feedback via Canvas.
  • Differentiation via Mastery Paths - a tutorial course designed to coach teachers' use of Mastery Paths settings to deliver differentiated learning experiences to students. Access the Differentiation via Mastery Paths course.
  • Back to School Canvas sessions - The resources provided in multiple Canvas and blended learning focused, back-to-school sessions for AISD teachers in August '17. Access the Back to School course.
  • Canvas 101 for Teachers - a completely redesigned introductory course for teachers who are new to Canvas. Access Canvas 101 for Teachers.
  • Canvas, Blended Learning, and T-TESS - explore the connections between these topics and gain access to an incredibly valuable tool for any teacher using Canvas to provide blended learning opportunities in their classrooms. Access the T-TESS course.
  • Canvas 101 for Admins - a brand new course designed to ensure campus instructional leaders know about blended learning, how to monitor Canvas usage, and to reward innovative teachers via Texas' T-TESS appraisal framework. Access Canvas 101 for Admins.


Check out Twitter for some action shots of our awesome professional learners in action!

Stephen Simpson

Doin' It Right?

Posted by Stephen Simpson Apr 26, 2017


Not only does Daft Punk have a song called Doin' It Right, it features (and this is not a lie) an artist known as Panda Bear. Have a listen to the irresistible track on YouTube


Now that that lyric is stuck in your head, let's consider the parallels between a successful club DJ and a successful Canvas trainer, coach, and/or teacher:


Like the song says, "Doing it right. Everybody will be dancing." That about sums it up, no? If a DJ can't get folks onto and keep them on the dance floor, they're going to quickly find him or herself without any gigs.


The same could be said for those of us in K-12 who are working diligently to drive blended learning implementation via Canvas-usage at our schools and in our institutions. Whether you're an instructional leader, a Canvas trainer, a professional learning leader, or a classroom teacher, if you can't get professionals and/or students 'dancing' in Canvas, you might quickly find yourself being asked some version of, "Why are we spending $ on this system if most teachers aren't using it and students report they don't like it?"

Blog Challenge

In the Comments section below, post an example of evidence that illustrates that you're Doin' It Right in your classroom, department, or school. You'll enjoy making your comment even more if you are listening to the track while you type.


We'll all learn from each other in the process!

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