• Presenting with Canvas – no more power points!

    When our team first started traveling around the state demonstrating the whys and hows of Canvas we used power points to present. It didn’t take us long to realise how clunky this was. We had to rely on screen s...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Our Days of Canvas Contribution

    I have seen so many amazing Days of Canvas offerings in the community and social media! You know what they say about great minds! ( AARON LUNSFORD - 12 Days of Canvas Adam Kuntz with all the goodness on twit...
    Lena Darnay
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  • Twelve Days of CANVAS

    As a new Canvas admin I am looking for ways to engage my teachers to help them learn the features of Canvas.  Because of this I created the Twelve Days of Canvas.  This Module has a different activity for th...
    Aaron Lunsford
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  • Help! Please!

    I got an email this morning from a teacher, "I know that we have a large amount of money committed to Canvas but I was wondering if anyone has ever asked the students if they prefer Google Classroom to Canvas?...
    Lisa Risch
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  • Any independent schools using Canvas 4th-8th?

    Any independent schools using Canvas in late elementary or middle school?   We are an independent school in the Seattle area transitioning to Canvas for the 2020 academic year for grades 4-8. We are looking for ...
    Santosh Zachariah
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  • Using Canvas for teaching Science (K-12)

    Thinking about ways we can use Canvas in teaching Science I came up with a few ideas including: Using Simulations - finding online simulations to duplicate or try out dangerous or expensive experiments that are diffi...
    Isobel Williams
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  • Data Driven Decision Making?

               Some days I’m for it, some days I’m not. What I do know is that I am not for banking the decision of labeling a teacher good vs bad based on one assessme...
    Julie Daniel Davis
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  • Tech Coaches: What is your biggest challenge this year?

    As I start a new school year in a new school with a new staff and new set of Tech Guidelines... I'm finding that I am faced with many challenges this year.  All of which I'm excited to take on as I help move my n...
    Jeff Bradbury
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  • Is it possible for an assignment set up using the LTI Google Drive integration to also accept online submissions?

    Students edit Google Slides docs, which can be submitted as their work using the External tool and Google drive asssignments.  Is it possible for students who want to print the assignment, then write and draw on ...
    James Hazlett
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  • Data Benefits of Digital Testing

                The Benefits of Automated Grading-      Using digital testing gives teachers the opportunity to quickly perform pre-assessments that can gui...
    Julie Daniel Davis
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  • Any Teaching Professions or Educator Rising Teacher Leaders?

    Hello!  I'm new to Canvas and looking to connect with other Teaching Professions career tech instructors.  Is there anyone here that is also involved with Educators Rising?  edrising teachingprofessions...
    Jen Bilczo
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  • Outcomes and Feedback for Writing in AP Social Studies Courses

    One of the biggest challenges I faced as a teacher in an AP social studies course was managing writing.  We need our students to write because it is a majority of the end-of-the-year summative exam offered by Col...
    Alissa Amundson
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  • Free Apps that Integrate with Canvas LMS

    Our teachers are beginning to feel more confident with the not so basic “basics” of using the learning management system, Canvas. Viewing this confidence has inspired me to look for App integration options...
    Julie Daniel Davis
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  • Customize your Own RSS Announcement Feed with Evernote

    As a humanities teacher, I love using the RSS feed for Announcements.  There are some phenomenal news feeds and podcasts that support a variety of my course content and it was awesome to have the announcemen...
    Alissa Amundson
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  • Encouraging Student Reflection on Feedback

    Many of us have spent HOURS providing constructive feedback on student assessments.  Personally, I have used both hand written feedback AND online feedback in an effort to have my students use the feedback I meti...
    Alissa Amundson
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  • Group work with a Sydney school

    Hi i am looking for schools to partner with us to do group work. We could start off small with one group to see how it goes. ie 2 students from my school and 2 students from your school. It could be an enrichment acti...
    Elizabeth George
    created by Elizabeth George
  • Tech Coaches: Do You Write Newsletters Each Week?

    Dear Tech Coaches, I was thinking this week about all of the time that we spend trying to stay in front of our teachers when we aren't able to physically stay in front of our teachers. I'm in a new position as a Tea...
    Jeff Bradbury
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  • Are You An Instructional Technology Coach?

    Hi everyone,  I'm new to the group and I am looking to see how many of you are Tech Coaches, or Literacy Coaches or just plain ... Coaches.   Would love to start a conversation as I begin my new position in...
    Jeff Bradbury
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  • Where Do You Search When Looking For Tech Coach Resources, Tips & Tricks?

    Dear Tech Coaches,   As we begin a new school year, I'd love to learn where you are searching online to find resources on how to be a better Tech Coach?   Please feel free to leave links below and share wh...
    Jeff Bradbury
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  • Role of Guidance Counselors

    What is the best role for middle and high school guidance counselors in Canvas? Our counselors are wanting to be able to progress monitor any given student. The class observer role is too limited. Pairing codes seem t...
    Faye Licari
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