• Data Driven Decision Making?

               Some days I’m for it, some days I’m not. What I do know is that I am not for banking the decision of labeling a teacher good vs bad based on one assessme...
    Julie Daniel Davis
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  • Tech Coaches: What is your biggest challenge this year?

    As I start a new school year in a new school with a new staff and new set of Tech Guidelines... I'm finding that I am faced with many challenges this year.  All of which I'm excited to take on as I help move my n...
    Jeff Bradbury
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  • Is it possible for an assignment set up using the LTI Google Drive integration to also accept online submissions?

    Students edit Google Slides docs, which can be submitted as their work using the External tool and Google drive asssignments.  Is it possible for students who want to print the assignment, then write and draw on ...
    James Hazlett
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  • Free Apps that Integrate with Canvas LMS

    Our teachers are beginning to feel more confident with the not so basic “basics” of using the learning management system, Canvas. Viewing this confidence has inspired me to look for App integration options...
    Julie Daniel Davis
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  • Community Collaboration K-6

    Recently Craig Nicholls and I collaborated using the Canvas Free for Teacher instance. As we are from different states it just seemed easier that way. Although Free For Teachers didn’t have the usual bells ...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Tech Coaches: Do You Write Newsletters Each Week?

    Dear Tech Coaches, I was thinking this week about all of the time that we spend trying to stay in front of our teachers when we aren't able to physically stay in front of our teachers. I'm in a new position as a Tea...
    Jeff Bradbury
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  • Are You An Instructional Technology Coach?

    Hi everyone,  I'm new to the group and I am looking to see how many of you are Tech Coaches, or Literacy Coaches or just plain ... Coaches.   Would love to start a conversation as I begin my new position in...
    Jeff Bradbury
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  • Where Do You Search When Looking For Tech Coach Resources, Tips & Tricks?

    Dear Tech Coaches,   As we begin a new school year, I'd love to learn where you are searching online to find resources on how to be a better Tech Coach?   Please feel free to leave links below and share wh...
    Jeff Bradbury
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  • Can logging in be simplified for younger students?

    We are introducing Canvas to primary schools in our state. Is it possible to simplify the login for younger students, or those with special needs? 
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Shared Devices - not a problem.

    Some challenges get in the way of teachers giving Canvas a go. A big one that we have noticed is when there are limited devices in classrooms. Here are some ideas that we have either used ourselves or seen teachers cr...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Canvas in Elementary

      I am 3rd grade teacher. My students use Canvas classes in daily practice. Canvas helps me create differentiated assignments and support students with special needs. Kids love it. I believe that other teachers w...
    Olena Bradford
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  • Does anyone know how Canvas may be helpful to elementary music teachers?

    Are there any music teachers or music organizations are participating in Canvas? How does Canvas benefit  an elementary music school teacher?   Thanks, Mark
    Mark Osterhout
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  • Invigorating English – Encouraging Writing Within Canvas K-6

    I love creating environments for students to write creatively. Seeing students engage with words and proudly share their work makes me burst with the joy of teaching. Recently I was asked to share some ideas on h...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • In What Kinds of Learning Environments Does Canvas Live?

    Does Canvas live in only your 1:1 classrooms? Do non 1:1 teachers use it? Or is it a combination of both? Currently in our school district Canvas has been more successful in our 1:1 classrooms. I am trying to get a se...
  • Practice By Topic using Quizzes.Next

    My high school students dislike homework. The mere mention of the word leads them to break out in cold sweat as their minds wander to different excuses for why they will not complete the assignment.   Fast ...
    Layne Heiny
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  • Canvas in K-4

    Hi all. We are a K-12 school with Canvas well a truly on the road to being embedded from 5-12. My next challenge is the effective use of Canvas in the K-4 space. What have people done that has worked really well to en...
    Craig Nicholls
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  • Canvas in the Non 1:1 Elementary Classroom

    Currently our district has seen great success with Canvas in our 1:1 classrooms (Grades 5-12 and a few K-4 pilot classrooms). We have been working on roll-out with our non 1:1 classrooms but it has not taken off as we...
  • Using Peer Review with Assignments

    I recently started using the Peer Review feature with assignments and found it to be a great way for students to edit or asses each other's work and offer feedback and suggestions. I have used it primarily in math cla...
    Todd Nasife
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  • Canvas and Literature Circles?

    Has anyone used Canvas for literature circles/reading groups in the elementary classroom? If so, how? I am working with a group of elementary teachers and we are trying to figure out best practice in regards to Canvas...
    Andrea Antonson
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  • Reading logs, discussions and K-2 classes

    Today I worked with some teachers of K-2 students.  They did not want students to have to log on individually and they have about 1:5 ratio so the workload in logon/off management would be quite high and a b...
    Isobel Williams
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