• Personalizing Learning in Canvas (1).pdf

    This PDF was used as a handout and Google Slide deck presentation during recent professional growth sessions with our teachers.  It is an overview on how different features in Canvas can be used to personalize le...
    Ryan Corris
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  • Personalized Learning with Canvas Series: #2 - Flipped Learning

    Flipped learning has been around for a while, but people still interpret its meaning differently based on personal experiences.  Initially Flipped Learning was to be done outside of the classroom.  Students ...
    Ryan Corris
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  • Personalized Learning with Canvas Series: #1 - Project Based Learning

    Project Based Learning (PBL) is a great way to personalize learning.  Once the driving question has been introduced and students have been hooked with the launch of the project, there are many ways students can&#...
    Ryan Corris
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  • Parents requested this at my school - multiple students

      In 2016 we ran a series of after school training sessions to show parents how to use Canvas. A comment that came up time and again was how can a parent easily switch the view from one child to the next in the ...
    Peter Nickson
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  • One-Sheet Guides for Canvas/Canvas Guía del Maestro

    Canvas Community y comunidad española,   There are many one-sheet guides out there, but just in case if you were looking for a single-sheet (dual sided) instructional PDF on Canvas... Attached are the same...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Functionality Comparison:  Current vs. New Canvas Gradebook

    To help with the transition from the current Canvas gradebook to the New Gradebook I created the following functionality comparison. This is a working document, so feel free to comment on if you think wording needs tw...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Grade Detail Tray

    The Grade Detail Tray is a tool in the New Gradebook that makes it fast and easy to view and enter grades, submission status, and comments, both by individual assignment or student. In addition, the Grade Detail ...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Assessment and the little people - Part Two

    I've been pondering the many ways we could use assessment within Canvas.So many people ask for ideas. So I thought I'd get you guys to help me.  PLEASE feel free to add ideas.    Assessment ideas wit...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Locking down a quiz to require Safe Exam Browser to be used

    I had a teacher request that tests in her class not be available in Canvas unless students were using Safe Exam Browser.   SEB is a free open source lock down browser similar to Respondus, but free!   ...
    Brandon Belew
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  • Assigning Intra-Group Peer Reviews

    Quick Install For those power users who are impatient, here are the quick install steps. Install the Tampermonkey browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Install the Intra-Group Peer Reviews user script. Navi...
    James Jones
    created by James Jones
  • Printable Quizzes code-snippet

    In response to a long-standing user need in the Canvas Community, I cobbled together the code snippet below. This page documents a fully-deployable end-user solution for anybody to test, tweak, and use to produce a pl...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • future-frontiers-discussion-paper-2.pdf

    HI Everyone, Not sure if you are interested, however at the moment there is a conference in NSW, Australia based on Education for a Changing World. It is based on research around Artificial Intelligence and the ...
    Stacy LAMBERT
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  • How To Disable the Google LTI "Google Drive" Assignment Submission Tab

    The Problem Our number one Canvas help issue the past several years revolves around student's submitting Google Docs, Slides or Sheets via the built-in Google Drive integrations. We switched to the new ...
    Chris Long
    created by Chris Long
  • Easy to Use Google Sheet for Interpreting Your Roll Call Attendance Report

    This document is meant to provide an easier way for faculty to see their Roll Call Attendance results with a minimal amount of effort. It's in many ways a supplement to my longer document in the Community, Using the R...
    Ken Black
    created by Ken Black
  • How do I view a group calendar?

    If you have been added to a group, you can view the group calendar. Open Groups In Global Navigation, click the Groups link [1], then click the name of the group [2]. View Calendar   In the Grou...
    Bradley Moser
    created by Bradley Moser
  • Center for Digital Education - How Digital Learning Tools and Robust Networks Work To Engage K12 Students

    This white paper discusses how a reliable and secure infrastructure can help your K12 school or District support greater student achievement with digital learning. We are in the middle of a six year iPad deployment ...
    David Damico
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  • Sorting the Find a Rubric dialog

    This document will show how to move the current course to the top of the "Find a Rubric" dialog and optionally sort and filter the information to make it easier to find rubrics. The before list on the left has 30 i...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Better Group Discussion Navigation

    I've written a user script that provides better navigation when working with group discussions. This document and script are primarily intended for instructors, TAs, or other people who can see multiple groups for gro...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Importing Rubrics from a Spreadsheet

    I've written an Rubric Importer user script that will allow you to copy a rubric from a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets and paste it into a textbox inside Canvas and then automatically turn it into a rubric wi...
    James Jones
    created by James Jones

    This document is only a test. It will be deleted in a few minutes. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience.
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