• A Magical Method of Behavior Tracking

    Tracking Behavior  Keeping track of student behavior can be a challenging task for most teachers.  It needs to be done with fidelity and privacy. It should be recorded as it happens in order to be truly accu...
    Kelley Lozicki
    created by Kelley Lozicki
  • Canvas modifications that relate to teacher productivity and observers K-12

    I posted a few things in the canvas developer group that specifically deal with k12- teachers and parents, I just wanted to be sure that everyone new that these mods existed.   Add observers to email  ...
    Jewell Simon
    created by Jewell Simon
  • Help! Please!

    I got an email this morning from a teacher, "I know that we have a large amount of money committed to Canvas but I was wondering if anyone has ever asked the students if they prefer Google Classroom to Canvas?...
    Lisa Risch
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  • New Google Assignments (And keep the old one too)

    I wanted to type out a quick little blurb on our K-12 experience with the new Google Assignments integration and how we are using simultaneously with the older Google LTI integration. The older integration is the...
    Matt Hanes
    created by Matt Hanes
  • Organizing your Canvas Dashboard

    Canvas DashboardThe Dashboard is the very first screen when we come arrive into Canvas after successful authentication.  At the University of Minnesota it goes to “Card View” by default, which represe...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Reaction Time Testing for Music

    Would anyone happen to know a way to have students click a particular element for a song and to gauge if the student is understanding the material? I am looking for a mix between a reaction time tester that is overlap...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Existing quiz questions are not in unfilled questions in question banks?

    Quiz Questions and Question Banks    Existing quiz questions are not in unfilled questions in question banks?   I have read here that existing quiz questions should have a copy in question banks autom...
    Amy  Worth
    created by Amy Worth
  • Any independent schools using Canvas 4th-8th?

    Any independent schools using Canvas in late elementary or middle school?   We are an independent school in the Seattle area transitioning to Canvas for the 2020 academic year for grades 4-8. We are looking for ...
    Santosh Zachariah
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  • Annotate a pdf

    I have a teacher who is wanting to create a assignment where she gives the students a pdf to annotate.  I know that we could have the students download the file, then use Preview (using MacBooks) to do the annota...
    Leslie Henson
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  • Interactive Fiction with Twine and Canvas at K12

    Twine is great for writing text based adventures. There is no downloading required and the files stay on your browser. You just need to make sure you don't delete your History (although you can archive and download fi...
    Gideon Williams
    created by Gideon Williams
  • Using Canvas for teaching Science (K-12)

    Thinking about ways we can use Canvas in teaching Science I came up with a few ideas including: Using Simulations - finding online simulations to duplicate or try out dangerous or expensive experiments that are diffi...
    Isobel Williams
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  • Minecraft - I’m going in!

    The Technologies Curriculum is such an exciting area of learning to incorporate into our classes. The Digital Technologies strand, in particular, is filled with fascinating challenges from Foundation to Year 10. ...
    Bobby Pedersen
    created by Bobby Pedersen
  • Parents requested this at my school - multiple students

      In 2016 we ran a series of after school training sessions to show parents how to use Canvas. A comment that came up time and again was how can a parent easily switch the view from one child to the next in the ...
    Peter Nickson
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  • PBL Schools, Woot!

    Where are my Project Based Learning (PBL) Canvas schools at? Looking to mindshare, network, cross chat on all things related to using Canvas in a PBL environment, especially if you are a rebellious Public Charter! 
    Scott Holcomb
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  • Is anyone using USATestPrep with Canvas

    Is there any way to integrate or access USATestPrep with Canvas? 
    Janetta Garton
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  • Observer grade view sorting.

    Along the same lines as this complaint Parental observation in canvas complicated with three children! Our parents had a hard time discerning grades at a quick glance... I created a script to to at least cl...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Looking for Science Teachers!

    Hello all, I am new to science and teach Environmental Science and Biology!  Who else here teaches secondary science?
    David Charles
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  • "I" questions

    I was working with a teacher recently in a 7-10 school. He said he had changed the way he wrote in Canvas for the students and he felt this had had a big impact on the way the students interacted with the content....
    Isobel Williams
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  • Grade one question at time in New Quizzes

    I know with the older quizzes, Speedgrader allowed the option of grading one question at a time. I don't see that checkbox option in Speedgrader for New Quizzes. This would be helpful for questions that aren't auto-sc...
    Kevin Rogers
    created by Kevin Rogers
  • Facilitating Parent Involvement

    Our institution is primarily made up of home-schoolers, so we are trying to find ways to utilize Canvas tech to create a sense of community among them. We have set up a parent information course, which has discussions...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders