• Canva Newsletter Integration

    Hello all! I am a new member, but have been stalking the Canvas discussion board for a while searching for answers. I am a first grade teacher, fairly knowledgeable with Canvas but trying to find easier ways to do a f...
    Diana Betts
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  • Using Canvas as Web Site

    We are finishing Year 1 with Canvas and I want to make it more of a 'One Stop Shopping Trip' for our teachers.  I decided to create a course and enroll all of our teachers in it as students.  I have posted s...
    Leslie Henson
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  • Google doc assignment

    So...we have been using Schoology for 2 years and I was asked to give Canvas a try (which I happily agreed to). We started to use Canvas in January but I quickly found one aspect that was not going to work for me: att...
    Denise Grandits
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  • Grade sync changed to “requested”?

    Recently a couple of our teacher’s daily (automatic) grade syncs have become “requested” instead of “in progress”. I can find no settings that speak to this change, and I do not know why ...
    Brian Scanlan
    created by Brian Scanlan
  • Point distribution for matching

    One of my teachers created a test with a matching question in it. Our question is, if we give a point value of 10 pts for the question (there are 10 components to it), will it give partial credit for ones correct or w...
    Leslie Henson
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  • Failed attempted logins

    Good morning all,   I am new to Canvas as I was Blackboard learn  back end  admin for last  15 years.  Currently I changed jobs from Higher Ed to k-12. my current employer uses canvas for mid...
  • Role of Guidance Counselors

    What is the best role for middle and high school guidance counselors in Canvas? Our counselors are wanting to be able to progress monitor any given student. The class observer role is too limited. Pairing codes seem t...
    Faye Licari
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  • Google Course Kit

    We started using it but quickly ran into issue. It appears that grades will only stay in Course Kit and not show up in the Canvas grade book which seems like a step backwards.   Is there a way to get the grades ...
    Colin Davitt
    created by Colin Davitt
  • Can logging in be simplified for younger students?

    We are introducing Canvas to primary schools in our state. Is it possible to simplify the login for younger students, or those with special needs? 
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Grade Pass Back error codes??

    What does 'missing"assignment_source_id" attribute mean in grade pass back? Is there a place to troubleshoot error codes when attempting to use grade pass back to Infinite Campus?
    Eric Werth
    created by Eric Werth
  • Wanting to visit a Sydney school using Canvas 12 August 2019

    I'm headed to CanvasCon and wondered if there were any Sydney schools using Canvas heavily that would welcome a visit Monday 12 August (the day before the conference)?   I'm the eLearning Middle Leader at St. M...
    Chris Burcin
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  • Canvas - Tyler Integration

    Good morning, We are new to Canvas and I am working to get the integration complete with Tyler SIS.  Does anyone know how to get Tyler to send student, faculty, subject, and section data to Canvas?
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Observer accounts? Bulk creation?

    Can I (as the admin) create observer accounts for all my parents from the data in my SIS? If so, how is this done?
    Melanie Weser
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  • Importing while pre-processing

    I am in the process of importing content from PowerSchool into Canvas.  One "package" of pages is still in pre-processing.  Can I import another set while the previous is pre-processing or will that potentia...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Does anyone know how Canvas may be helpful to elementary music teachers?

    Are there any music teachers or music organizations are participating in Canvas? How does Canvas benefit  an elementary music school teacher?   Thanks, Mark
    Mark Osterhout
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  • How does a teacher quickly find their class mean/average/median for a particular assignment?

    How does a teacher quickly find their class mean/average/median for a particular assignment without having to click on 5+ things in the "individual student view?" How is this not a drop down choice on any assignment?&...
    David Theriault
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  • Why does the auto open inline preview box not always appear?

    Sometimes the box to check for the auto open inline preview does not appear. Even with the same document type it comes and goes. Word and PDFs work? Does the auto open inline preview ever work for a powerpoint?
    Jennifer Anderson
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  • Grade passback

    How far away are we from grade passback in Arc quizzes?  Until this happens I really cannot sell this to staff and am happy to trial it. 
    Lauren Sayer
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  • Do you put your k-12 Curriculum In Canvas?

    Any k-12 District using Canvas to house Curriculum for the district?   We left BYOC about two and half years ago. We created our own Google Site and then used Google Docs to house our pacing guides and curricul...
    Bradley Moser
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  • Student Survey on Course Design

    Hello All, We are a K-13 school in New Zealand and are in our 2nd term of Canvas adoption. We have taken a staged roll out approach – which seems to have worked for us. Our teachers are now at a point where the...
    Sara Frizelle
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