• Grade one question at time in New Quizzes

    I know with the older quizzes, Speedgrader allowed the option of grading one question at a time. I don't see that checkbox option in Speedgrader for New Quizzes. This would be helpful for questions that aren't auto-sc...
    Kevin Rogers
    created by Kevin Rogers
  • Facilitating Parent Involvement

    Our institution is primarily made up of home-schoolers, so we are trying to find ways to utilize Canvas tech to create a sense of community among them. We have set up a parent information course, which has discussions...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • PowerSchool "requested" grade syncs never happen

    I am getting more and more overnight scheduled grade syncs falling in the "requested" category. When this happens the sync never happens and I have to go into each class (44 this morning) and manually push each class'...
    Brian Scanlan
    created by Brian Scanlan
  • Data Driven Decision Making?

               Some days I’m for it, some days I’m not. What I do know is that I am not for banking the decision of labeling a teacher good vs bad based on one assessme...
    Julie Daniel Davis
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  • Imported assignment groups have disappeared

    As we transition (today) to Q2, the PowerSchool imported assignment groups have disappeared. They were good for Q1, grades passed correctly, and now they are not showing even when we “successfully” import ...
    Brian Scanlan
    created by Brian Scanlan
  • Tech Coaches: What is your biggest challenge this year?

    As I start a new school year in a new school with a new staff and new set of Tech Guidelines... I'm finding that I am faced with many challenges this year.  All of which I'm excited to take on as I help move my n...
    Jeff Bradbury
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  • Streamlining or removing previous courses from the grading menu of Observers

    Hi there,   As we enter our third year, we are hearing from users with Observer roles that they have an unmanageable number of courses that appear on the dropdown menu used for checking grades. This is the main ...
    Tim Batiuk
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  • Using Canvas with high school band.

    We have about 230 students in our high school marching band. The band teachers have run into some issues with students uploading videos to Canvas, mostly due to the size of the file exceeds 500 mb.   This is the...
    Colin Davitt
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  • Is it possible for an assignment set up using the LTI Google Drive integration to also accept online submissions?

    Students edit Google Slides docs, which can be submitted as their work using the External tool and Google drive asssignments.  Is it possible for students who want to print the assignment, then write and draw on ...
    James Hazlett
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  • "Chasing Coral"-Great video for Marine Biology/Environmental Science Teachers. 

    Open video

    David Charles
    created by David Charles
  • Data Benefits of Digital Testing

                The Benefits of Automated Grading-      Using digital testing gives teachers the opportunity to quickly perform pre-assessments that can gui...
    Julie Daniel Davis
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  • Any Teaching Professions or Educator Rising Teacher Leaders?

    Hello!  I'm new to Canvas and looking to connect with other Teaching Professions career tech instructors.  Is there anyone here that is also involved with Educators Rising?  edrising teachingprofessions...
    Jen Bilczo
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  • Training Services Portal

    Canvas is a clean and intuitive LMS system which can be quickly mastered.  Many can learn Canvas on their own and enjoy doing so through exploring the system.  Most of us are busy professionals and are more ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Canvas and Rotating Block Schedules

    We are looking to move from a traditional 7-period schedule to a 5-period rotating block next year.  Does anyone use a similar schedule at their school? Currently our teachers are accustomed to having one due dat...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Evaluating the Depth of a Course?

    Our district only has a handful of completely online teachers. I am not talking about those folks. How do you approach the vast majority of classroom teachers who meet face-to-face with their students but are st...
    Penny Christensen
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  • Google Drive icon missing in RCE

    We have Google Apps turned on for our whole institution and can see Google Drive in the Navigation menu of all our courses, but the Google Drive icon is missing from the Rich Content Editor on everything (Assignments,...
    Leslie Henson
    last modified by Leslie Henson
  • Canvas not making the Grade (visible)...

    Having just delivered some PowerPoint training to students about making their presentations more effective, I thought I'd take some of my own medicine and start with a * bang * - hence the title of the piece which mig...
    Gideon Williams
    created by Gideon Williams
  • Outcomes and Feedback for Writing in AP Social Studies Courses

    One of the biggest challenges I faced as a teacher in an AP social studies course was managing writing.  We need our students to write because it is a majority of the end-of-the-year summative exam offered by Col...
    Alissa Amundson
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  • Learn Bravely

    On my way to work I go past several schools and notice the different School Visions emblazoned on flags and gateways. It seems that over the past decades the trend has been to display school visions, mission statement...
    Bobby Pedersen
    created by Bobby Pedersen
  • Gamifying Digital Skills with Badgr Badges

    WARNING - THIS IS QUITE A LONG POST BUT IT HAS LOTS OF PICTURES! In my school we are very fortunate to have a 1-1 device model based on the Microsoft Surface Pro. All staff, teaching and support, have a device a...
    Gideon Williams
    created by Gideon Williams