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LMS Migration Strategies

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Benjamin Rodriguez
Our school is in the process of migrating from Blackboard Canvas. We started about a year ago and we learned a lot. I'd like to share a guide we created. It's written from an instructor's point of view and its purpose is to help instructors, designers, and admins get an idea of what migration from Blackboard to Canvas entails.   Here's an… (Show more)
in LMS Migration Strategies
Heidi Burgiel
Our campus transitioned from Moodle to Canvas last October.  In Moodle, we had had a database activity with hundreds of entries.  What tools have you used to replace Moodle's database activity feature, which is not replicated in Canvas?   We'd like something that students can easily search and submit text and files to.   Thank you! Heidi… (Show more)
in LMS Migration Strategies
Stefanie Sanders
I'm curious to know how other institutions handle the different tasks and challenges that come with the Canvas roll-out and maintenance. Which different roles does your institution's Canvas team consist of and who supports the Canvas project from your IT team (full-time, part-time, on demand)? Do you have external support, too? How many students… (Show more)
Robert McDole
With the upcoming New Gradebook: Tentative Q3 2019 transition date feedback is it wise to turn on the New Gradebook that is in Beta for all of those doing the pilot?  My institution is piloting Canvas Spring 2019 and looking at a Fall 2019 full conversion.  Any ideas are welcomed.   Robert McDole
in LMS Migration Strategies
Sarah Aldridge
Hello! People who have converted from Blackboard to Canvas, how did you handle the transition between how the Bb Outcomes Assessment tool works vs. how Canvas Outcomes work? Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see a way to pull a random sample and rate by a reviewer. Advice?
in LMS Migration Strategies
Nadine Heinz
We have to migrate course rooms from Fronter to Canvas. The Fronter "Archive" i.e. all structured data of every Fronter room should be migrated as a whole package into Canvas. Does anybody have experience with this kind of migration?
in LMS Migration Strategies
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