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LMS Migration Strategies

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Margaret Reneau
I have come across a migration tool that migrates from one LMS to another in a matter of weeks vs. months or years.  This system migrates hundreds and thousands of courses efficiently and effectively.  Check it out at:
Brian Sibert
I have a teacher that is currently on Google Classroom and is needing to migrate to Canvas. Has anyone done this? What tips do you have? Do you have a plan or procedure for doing this?
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Erin Provensal
Hi all,   I am on week 2 of a new job where I am tasked with running the pilot program for Canvas. I have used Canvas at a previous institution for a number of years and am fairly comfortable with the benefits. I have not used Blackboard, however, as my previous migration experience was from an internally developed LMS to Canvas. What I basically… (Show more)
in LMS Migration Strategies
Anyone have any luck migrating Schoology assessments to Canvas?  I'm not talking about the Test/Quiz tools (green puzzle piece), but rather the newer Assessment tool (blue puzzle piece). The tool is only available to Enterprise users.  When I do the normal export from Schoology (common cartridge - .imscc) and then import into Canvas, the… (Show more)
Sarah Aldridge
Hello! People who have converted from Blackboard to Canvas, how did you handle the transition between how the Bb Outcomes Assessment tool works vs. how Canvas Outcomes work? Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see a way to pull a random sample and rate by a reviewer. Advice?
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Rosie Sasso
Has anyone been successful in exporting a rubric from Blackboard and importing it into Canvas? If so, would you share your steps/process?   Many thanks,   Rosie
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Stefanie Sanders
Interested in sharing your knowledge with peers? Check! Interested in growing your brand as a thought leader in education? Check, check! Interested in learning ways to elevate learning for your students without complicating teaching? Check, check, check! Interested in networking, collaborating, idea-sharing with others who are facing similar… (Show more)
Benjamin Rodriguez
Our school is in the process of migrating from Blackboard Canvas. We started about a year ago and we learned a lot. I'd like to share a guide we created. It's written from an instructor's point of view and its purpose is to help instructors, designers, and admins get an idea of what migration from Blackboard to Canvas entails.   Here's an… (Show more)
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