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LMS Migration Strategies

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Randolph Decker
What's the equivalent of Adaptive release in Blackboard?
in LMS Migration Strategies
Rosie Sasso
Has anyone been successful in exporting a rubric from Blackboard and importing it into Canvas? If so, would you share your steps/process?   Many thanks,   Rosie
in LMS Migration Strategies
Stefanie Sanders
  In my role as a Principal Consultant at Instructure, I work closely with our customers during their transition to Canvas. Using our Canvas Success Model, I help schools connect their vision for teaching and learning to Canvas, and use that vision to create effective plans for communicating, training, and engaging teachers and students.    As I… (Show more)
Anne Guiler
Any schools using Workday for their ERP - Student Information System?
in LMS Migration Strategies
Amal Shah
Hello fellow Admins:   We have a bit of a conundrum with our Canvas/Kaltura integration - particularly with SIS IDs.   Our users' SIS IDs changed from a unique alphanumeric "username" to a new 9-digit ID number. Doing so made it easier for us to manage users with regard to other systems/integrations. However, changing the SIS IDs has caused our… (Show more)
in LMS Migration Strategies
John Blackwell
Hi, we're currently evaluating our LMS (Blackboard). I'd like to know what the main factors were when you decided to adopt Canvas. If this is the wrong place to ask this, please let me know. Thanks. John B.
in LMS Migration Strategies
Kelley L. Meeusen
Hello!   Our school use Canvas LMS. I am thinking to redesign the glossary page (which is currently in basic text format, long and dry) to interactive page. I know how to make it within Storyline/PPT, but since the words are soooo many (21 words begin with A for example), I have to use the way of webpage. Below is what it should look like in my… (Show more)
Tim Krones
Hi everyone,   I've been looking into options for moving Open edX courses over to the Canvas platform and was wondering:   It looks like there are no officially supported, publicly available migration scripts or strategies for moving courses from Open edX to Canvas. Is that correct? The Canvas FAQ mention "Migration tools for commercial LMSs"… (Show more)
in LMS Migration Strategies
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