• Migrate course rooms from Fronter to Canvas

    We have to migrate course rooms from Fronter to Canvas. The Fronter "Archive" i.e. all structured data of every Fronter room should be migrated as a whole package into Canvas. Does anybody have experience with this ki...
    Nadine Heinz
    created by Nadine Heinz
  • Kaltura Media and the Old LMS > New LMS

    Hello all,   I'm just curious if anyone in the group has worked on migrating courses that rely heavily on Kaltura media to Canvas. It doesn't appear to be something that a standard export/import job can handle. ...
    Benjamin Rodriguez
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  • Powerschool LMS import

    Can a Powerschool LMS course be imported into Canvas? Thanks
    Dave Rutz
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  • Blackboard Organizations = Canvas ______ ?

    Hi all,   I could't tell if this was asked here already, but please forgive any redundancy.  In Blackboard, we have a wide use of Organizations (Basically shells which are not associated with courses or enr...
    Benjamin Rodriguez
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  • Moving from BlackBoard to Canvas course URL woes...

    Moving from BB to Canvas, but some of our courses have content that links back out to BB- anyone know any utility that replaces all the BB URL links in courses? thanks Looking for a super script that can replace all ...
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  • Course Migration from Etudes - Module Will not All Load At Once and Loaded Separate Replace One Another

    Hi All!   I have successfully migrated materials from Etudes with exception of the modules.  It seems the entire modules file will not successfully migrate.  When I upload it it in pieces, one section ...
    Dr. Carley Zanders
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  • Student Submission / Grade Retrieval from the Previous LMS

    Hi All,   After migrating from a cloud hosted LMS to Canvas, the day comes where your previous LMS licence expires. A few months after the expiration date, the Dean calls. A student is asking for the...
    Benjamin Rodriguez
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