• Blackboard to Canvas Migration Checklist

    Hi all,   Just wondering if anyone has/knows of a Blackboard to Canvas migration checklist? I am looking into some of the aspects for my institution and was looking for such a document, but could contribute to ...
    Stephen Beale
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  • Canvas benefits over Blackboard

    Hi all,   I am on week 2 of a new job where I am tasked with running the pilot program for Canvas. I have used Canvas at a previous institution for a number of years and am fairly comfortable with the benefits. ...
    Erin Provensal
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  • Transitioning from Blackboard Outcomes Assessment to Canvas Outcomes

    Hello! People who have converted from Blackboard to Canvas, how did you handle the transition between how the Bb Outcomes Assessment tool works vs. how Canvas Outcomes work? Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see a way...
    Sarah Aldridge
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  • How to create a High School Library Canvas page??

    I'm in the beginning stages of creating a high school library Canvas page.  All my students will be enrolled.  I would love to see some examples of what others have done for inspiration.  I know there i...
    Jill Wooldridge
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  • Issues in Importing moodle to canvas

      Hi, I was trying to import a course from moodle in Canvas and faced few issues. I was wondering what all should be taken care of while importing courses from moodle to canvas? What are the major issues? W...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Workday ERP and SIS

    Any schools using Workday for their ERP - Student Information System?
    Anne Guiler
    created by Anne Guiler
  • Research Participation Request - Technology acceptance

    Dear Faculty, My name is Ayse Begum Aslan and I am a PhD Candidate at Wayne State University. I would like to invite you to participate in an online survey about faculty acceptance of learning management systems in h...
    Ayse Begum Aslan
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  • Transitioning Faculty from Blackboard to Canvas

    Our school soon will begin the process of moving from Blackboard to Canvas, and I will be working with the faculty to get them started and on board with Canvas. As we get started, my question is how have others explai...
  • Who's in your Canvas team?

    I'm curious to know how other institutions handle the different tasks and challenges that come with the Canvas roll-out and maintenance. Which different roles does your institution's Canvas team consist of and w...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Migrate course rooms from Fronter to Canvas

    We have to migrate course rooms from Fronter to Canvas. The Fronter "Archive" i.e. all structured data of every Fronter room should be migrated as a whole package into Canvas. Does anybody have experience with this ki...
    Nadine Heinz
    created by Nadine Heinz
  • How is your SIS set up

    Hi Canvas Admins,   We are transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas and are a bit confused as to the best way to push a template to our courses. We're a fairly large institution with over 9,000 course shells per...
  • BB Course Clean Up Instructions Prior to Canvas Migration?

    Hi All, Our university, Tarleton State U in Texas, is moving to Canvas from BB in Fall 2019.  I'm looking for any resources anyone might have concerning what you should tell faculty (instructions) on cleaning up...
    Doug Hanna
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  • Kaltura Media and the Old LMS > New LMS

    Hello all,   I'm just curious if anyone in the group has worked on migrating courses that rely heavily on Kaltura media to Canvas. It doesn't appear to be something that a standard export/import job can handle. ...
    Benjamin Rodriguez
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  • Migrating from Moodle to Canvas...

    <sulking>"Hi, we are currently in the process of migrating some courses to Canvas from Moodle and am finding some of the features of Canvas frustrating/confusing. These include not having a grid view option insi...
  • Powerschool LMS import

    Can a Powerschool LMS course be imported into Canvas? Thanks
    Dave Rutz
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  • Quiz Banks: Importing "pools from Blackboard" to "Canvas banks" creates exponentially large Canvas banks

    Professor I'm working with says: ... the problem seems to be that the Quiz Banks in Canvas are required to be stand-alone, unlike in Blackboard, where a master pool can be created from sub-master pools. The Bb q...
  • Student Submission / Grade Retrieval from the Previous LMS

    Hi All,   After migrating from a cloud hosted LMS to Canvas, the day comes where your previous LMS licence expires. A few months after the expiration date, the Dean calls. A student is asking for the...
    Benjamin Rodriguez
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  • Grades: What to do When Bb Goes Away?

    So I have looked at different areas in the Community (the Migration Strategies area, for example) and I can't seem to find an answer. You guys in the Community are so awesome, that I know someone will chime in and giv...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Medical School LMS Migration form BbLearn to Canvas

    Greetings! I am tasked with leading the migration of courses from Blackboard to Canvas and would like to pick the community's brain on any tips and tricks and best practices to this process. From reading the info her...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Blackboard to Canvas: show value

    Hello, My name is Giovanna and I'm from Brazil. The institution that I work for is in the middle of the process of eveluating LMS's to make a change. We use Blackboard since 2011. Canvas was pre approved by our LMS ...