• D2L to Canvas migration, issues with quizzes

    Hi All,   With moving from D2L to Canvas, we've seen some issues with quizzes moving from D2L to Canvas.    Has anyone tried running the quizzes through Respondus 4.0 (or other exam software) and the...
    David Long
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  • Adaptive release in Canvas

    What's the equivalent of Adaptive release in Blackboard?
    Randolph Decker
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  • Blackboard rubrics imported into Canvas

    Has anyone been successful in exporting a rubric from Blackboard and importing it into Canvas? If so, would you share your steps/process?   Many thanks,   Rosie
    Rosie Sasso
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  • Canvas Rollout Editable Printables

      In my role as a Principal Consultant at Instructure, I work closely with our customers during their transition to Canvas. Using our Canvas Success Model, I help schools connect their vision for teaching and lea...
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Workday ERP and SIS

    Any schools using Workday for their ERP - Student Information System?
    Anne Guiler
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  • Kaltura Mediaspace (My Media) Access Issues

    Hello fellow Admins:   We have a bit of a conundrum with our Canvas/Kaltura integration - particularly with SIS IDs.   Our users' SIS IDs changed from a unique alphanumeric "username" to a new 9-digit ID n...
    Amal Shah
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  • LMS adoption, why Canvas?

    Hi, we're currently evaluating our LMS (Blackboard). I'd like to know what the main factors were when you decided to adopt Canvas. If this is the wrong place to ask this, please let me know. Thanks. John B.
    John Blackwell
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  • How to create an interactive glossary page in Canvas LMS?

    Hello!   Our school use Canvas LMS. I am thinking to redesign the glossary page (which is currently in basic text format, long and dry) to interactive page. I know how to make it within Storyline/PPT, but since ...
  • Tools for migrating courses from Open edX to Canvas?

    Hi everyone,   I've been looking into options for moving Open edX courses over to the Canvas platform and was wondering:   It looks like there are no officially supported, publicly available migration scri...
    Tim Krones
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  • Blackboard to Canvas Migration Checklist

    Hi all,   Just wondering if anyone has/knows of a Blackboard to Canvas migration checklist? I am looking into some of the aspects for my institution and was looking for such a document, but could contribute to ...
    Stephen Beale
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  • What content types in Blackboard don't work in Canvas?

    We will be moving from Blackboard 9.1 to Canvas over the next 18+ months. In the meantime, we have a professor who needs to create new course sites. He wants to know what Blackboard content types/tools to stay away fr...
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Blackboard Organizations = Canvas ______ ?

    Hi all,   I could't tell if this was asked here already, but please forgive any redundancy.  In Blackboard, we have a wide use of Organizations (Basically shells which are not associated with courses or enr...
    Benjamin Rodriguez
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  • As we think about how we are going to bring over our Blackboard courses to Canvas, we are wondering how many semesters of courses do you bring over to Canvas?

    We are in the process of determining how we are going to bring over our Blackboard courses to Canvas. In our discussion someone asked how many semesters of Blackboard courses we should bring over to Canvas. What would...
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Sakai Migration to Canvas

    Hello! I have developed a course in Sakai and my university is moving over to Canvas. I've download the file to import the Lessons Builder files into Canvas and have only received errors. It failed 4 times.  ...
    Michelle Loo
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  • Images within quizzes go into course files when imported

    Hello,   My school is just starting to implement Canvas and I have been looking into how different activities from Moodle come into Canvas when imported. Images within quiz questions go into the course files are...
    Kristbjörg Olsen
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  • Enhance Canvas with 3rd party tools

    Moving from Blackboard to Canvas... We are looking at: Plagiarism tools (Turnitin, Unicheck), Accessibiility (UDOIT and Ally), Conferencing (Collaborate, Big Blue button, BBB with subscription, Zoom)  Media ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • LMS migration and project management methodologies

    Hello,   I am a new member of the community. I am interesting in migration strategies from a perspective of project management, in particular addressing these three key points: Migrating courses Training staff...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • How can I link Canvas to LearnSmart Assignments on McGraw-Hill Connect so that Students can view their individual progress from the Canvas Site?

    How can I link Canvas to LearnSmart Assignments on McGraw-Hill Connect so that Students can view their individual progress from the Canvas Site?
    John Houston
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  • App Canvas Student

    Hello everyone!   I've been reading world trends and there has been a huge growth in the use of Mobile as apps. We conduct research at our university and note that it is totally the reverse of the trend.  ...
    Edgard Rodrigues
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  • Issue with Moodle quizzes importing into blank pages in Canvas.

    We're currently in the process of testing migration/clean-up strategies from Moodle to Canvas and we're having an  issue importing quizzes.   When we've done tests importing Moodle back-ups containing quizz...
    Marcus Hoige
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