• Images within quizzes go into course files when imported

    Hello,   My school is just starting to implement Canvas and I have been looking into how different activities from Moodle come into Canvas when imported. Images within quiz questions go into the course files are...
    Kristbjörg Olsen
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  • LMS migration and project management methodologies

    Hello,   I am a new member of the community. I am interesting in migration strategies from a perspective of project management, in particular addressing these three key points: Migrating courses Training staff...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • How can I link Canvas to LearnSmart Assignments on McGraw-Hill Connect so that Students can view their individual progress from the Canvas Site?

    How can I link Canvas to LearnSmart Assignments on McGraw-Hill Connect so that Students can view their individual progress from the Canvas Site?
    John Houston
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  • App Canvas Student

    Hello everyone!   I've been reading world trends and there has been a huge growth in the use of Mobile as apps. We conduct research at our university and note that it is totally the reverse of the trend.  ...
    Edgard Rodrigues
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  • Issue with Moodle quizzes importing into blank pages in Canvas.

    We're currently in the process of testing migration/clean-up strategies from Moodle to Canvas and we're having an  issue importing quizzes.   When we've done tests importing Moodle back-ups containing quizz...
    Marcus Hoige
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  • As we think about how we are going to bring over our Blackboard courses to Canvas, we are wondering how many semesters of courses do you bring over to Canvas?

    We are in the process of determining how we are going to bring over our Blackboard courses to Canvas. In our discussion someone asked how many semesters of Blackboard courses we should bring over to Canvas. What would...
    Debbie Ellis
    created by Debbie Ellis
  • Blackboard to Canvas Migration Checklist

    Hi all,   Just wondering if anyone has/knows of a Blackboard to Canvas migration checklist? I am looking into some of the aspects for my institution and was looking for such a document, but could contribute to ...
    Stephen Beale
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  • Before You Migrate Courses From Blackboard to Canvas

    Our school is in the process of migrating from Blackboard Canvas. We started about a year ago and we learned a lot. I'd like to share a guide we created. It's written from an instructor's point of view and i...
    Benjamin Rodriguez
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  • Brightspace (D2L) to Canvas Formulaic Question Issue

    Hello everyone. We are currently in process migrating from Brightspace to Canvas. We have many courses with large question banks made up of Formulaic questions. It seems in Canvas that such questions transfer from Bri...
  • Migrate course content from WhippleHill/Blackbaud to Canvas?

    Looking for someone who has been able to migrate course content from Whipple Hill / Blackbaud to Canvas.   We are a private K-8 school, with about 250 users.
  • Blackboard Archiving and decommissioning approaches

      Hi, just wondering what approach ex Blackboard users have taken when transitioning to Canvas? The options for and implications of decommissioning Blackboard Where the data should remain accessible for legislat...
    Gary Thornley
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  • What content types in Blackboard don't work in Canvas?

    We will be moving from Blackboard 9.1 to Canvas over the next 18+ months. In the meantime, we have a professor who needs to create new course sites. He wants to know what Blackboard content types/tools to stay away fr...
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Anyone else having problems exporting Blackboard courses with advanced adaptive release rules?

    Hi all, I am testing some courses to export from Blackboard and import into Canvas. I keep getting the mysterious error displayed below. I am working through different modules to try and figure out what is c...
    Stephen Beale
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  • Students cannot see the unit content

    Why can't my students see the contents of the units
    Martha Cabrera
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  • Moving from Google Classroom

    I have a teacher that is currently on Google Classroom and is needing to migrate to Canvas. Has anyone done this? What tips do you have? Do you have a plan or procedure for doing this?
    Brian Sibert
    created by Brian Sibert
  • Canvas benefits over Blackboard

    Hi all,   I am on week 2 of a new job where I am tasked with running the pilot program for Canvas. I have used Canvas at a previous institution for a number of years and am fairly comfortable with the benefits. ...
    Erin Provensal
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  • Schoology Assessments to Canvas

    Anyone have any luck migrating Schoology assessments to Canvas?  I'm not talking about the Test/Quiz tools (green puzzle piece), but rather the newer Assessment tool (blue puzzle piece). The tool is only availabl...
  • Transitioning from Blackboard Outcomes Assessment to Canvas Outcomes

    Hello! People who have converted from Blackboard to Canvas, how did you handle the transition between how the Bb Outcomes Assessment tool works vs. how Canvas Outcomes work? Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see a way...
    Sarah Aldridge
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  • Blackboard rubrics imported into Canvas

    Has anyone been successful in exporting a rubric from Blackboard and importing it into Canvas? If so, would you share your steps/process?   Many thanks,   Rosie
    Rosie Sasso
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  • Ed-tech goodness: How CanvasCons help you grow your community & brand

    Interested in sharing your knowledge with peers? Check! Interested in growing your brand as a thought leader in education? Check, check! Interested in learning ways to elevate learning for your students without...
    Stefanie Sanders
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