• Adaptive release in Canvas

    What's the equivalent of Adaptive release in Blackboard?
    Randolph Decker
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  • How to conditionally hide a link

    We’re looking at conditionally hiding a link on our canvas course page based on a user id. I have already programmed a mapping in our database so we know which canvas users are which in our own database, and can...
    marc matthes
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  • Can I upload files to my course(s) using webdav or ftp?

    I've used WebCT, Moodle and Blackboard. In those LMSes I've been able to upload my course files using webdav or ftp. Can I do the same with Canvas?
    Randolph Decker
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  • Migrate my canvas courses and students from one canvas instance installed in AWS (under a sub-account) to a new canvas instance

    I want to migrate my canvas courses and students from one canvas instance installed in AWS (under a sub-account) to a new canvas instance installed in AWS too.  What should I have to do? 
    Andreas Apostolopoulos
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  • Kaltura Mediaspace (My Media) Access Issues

    Hello fellow Admins:   We have a bit of a conundrum with our Canvas/Kaltura integration - particularly with SIS IDs.   Our users' SIS IDs changed from a unique alphanumeric "username" to a new 9-digit ID n...
    Amal Shah
    created by Amal Shah
  • Migrate content 'sync_to_s3_and_save_to_shared_brand_config!_for_5'

    Hi,   I got a script that will migrate content from one course to 1000 new courses. In 1 our of 30 I get this strange error when I look into the process:   id : 348 context_id : 412 context_type : User us...
    Fredrik Carenborn
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  • Course import from Blackboard

    Has anyone successfully imported a year long course from a Blackboard export file to Canvas? How long did it take?  How seamless was the import and course format? 
  • Moodle Database Activity replacement

    Our campus transitioned from Moodle to Canvas last October.  In Moodle, we had had a database activity with hundreds of entries.  What tools have you used to replace Moodle's database activity feature, which...
    Heidi Burgiel
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  • New Gradebook or Not New Gradebook

    With the upcoming New Gradebook: Tentative Q3 2019 transition date feedback is it wise to turn on the New Gradebook that is in Beta for all of those doing the pilot?  My institution is piloting Canvas Spring...
    Robert McDole
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  • Migrating to Canvas: Grade History?

    We are considering moving to Canvas as our LMS. We have many years of past grades in our current LMS and we need those to be part of student transcripts going forward. I have not been able to find much informatio...
  • Bug?: Bad equation rendering in feedback of Blackboard created quizes

    Hi,   I have a question about rendering equations in the comments/feedback section of questions migrated from Blackboard.   1    When opening quizz-questions originally created in Blackboard...
    Niels Smits
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  • Bad feedback-rendering of Blackboard created quizes

    I am an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam. We recently (August 2018) moved from Blackboard to Canvas. In Blackboard we used weekly tests to monitor our students on their statistics skills. We migrated...
    Niels Smits
    created by Niels Smits
  • Blackboard rubrics imported into Canvas

    Has anyone been successful in exporting a rubric from Blackboard and importing it into Canvas? If so, would you share your steps/process?   Many thanks,   Rosie
    Rosie Sasso
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  • Link Validator - unresponsive links not present in course

    In one of our courses, the Link Validator found 8 unresponsive links. I'm unable to find where these links are located in the course. Normally when running the Link Validator, there is a clickable header that tak...
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • Reading files in modules in Canvas instead of downloading them

    My courses were downloaded from Blackboard to Canvas. The headings  in each module had attached files I could not just read the files but they were downloaded  automatically and I do not want that to happe...
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • What content types in Blackboard don't work in Canvas?

    We will be moving from Blackboard 9.1 to Canvas over the next 18+ months. In the meantime, we have a professor who needs to create new course sites. He wants to know what Blackboard content types/tools to stay away fr...
    Debbie Ellis
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  • Importing Pages from a Book in Moodle into Canvas

    When I first imported a Moodle Course into Canvas the Books came over as pages in the Modules.  When I do it now, the pages of the books end up elsewhere. Is there a way to require that the pages from a Moodle b...
    Diana Markham
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  • Why aren't my Blackboard videos showing up in Canvas?

    I have done the migration from Blackboard to Canvas and all that shows up are my Discussions, Quizzes, and Assignments. I clicked entire content before the zip file was made. 
  • Blackboard Organizations = Canvas ______ ?

    Hi all,   I could't tell if this was asked here already, but please forgive any redundancy.  In Blackboard, we have a wide use of Organizations (Basically shells which are not associated with courses or enr...
    Benjamin Rodriguez
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  • Replicating Moodle's Book Tool in Canvas

    Hi    I am trying to replicate a similar feature on Canvas to the "book" tool in Moodle. Principally I would like to add chapters or sections to the "Pages" tool and have quick navigation for stud...
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers