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Kiko Carisse
Click to view contentI am trying to get data for outcomes in relation to rubric criterion for graded outcomes. I can get the students outcome grades fine, passing in include[][rubric_assessment] to /api/v1/courses/:course_id/assignments/:assignment_id/submissions. The problem is that when I see the data read out for the criterion in the rubric_assessment, it only… (Show more)
in Minnesota Canvas User Group
Utahna Tavita
I accidentally imported a copy of the same course I already have in my module.  How can I delete the copy of this course due to duplicates now created by me doing this by mistake.  Help?   Utahna
in Minnesota Canvas User Group
Jim Trebisovsky
Posting my original email here in case there are members here that I missed.

Hello All,

I wanted to check in to see if we are all still planning on getting together October 4 for our User Group. I could make it work, although I'd also be open to delaying since it has been quite the start to the year around here.  
Do you still want to meet Oct 4 or delay? Earl Nov?
Last we met, the plan was to have a classroom visit and informal meeting from 10-noon for those interested. Our official meeting would be from 12-3 at Henry Sibley High School.

Please let me know your thoughts. I hope your year is starting strong!

Anne-Marie Green
Hi there, we've just moved over from Blackboard and I'm trying to find the equivalent of group mail in BB. I can only find announcements which will notify students there is information for them but which they have to take that extra step of logging on to Canvas to retrieve. I also don't get a confirmation that the message has been delivered. Do I… (Show more)
in Minnesota Canvas User Group