• "Send Comment to Entire Group" in Discussions

    Please bring this feature back!   I used to be able to "send comment to entire group" when working within small groups in graded Discussions.  I no longer have that feature.  Has something changed?...
    Maude Yacapsin
    created by Maude Yacapsin
  • Printing out learning outcome id with criterion_id in rubric_assessment (student submission grades)

    I am trying to get data for outcomes in relation to rubric criterion for graded outcomes. I can get the students outcome grades fine, passing in include[][rubric_assessment] to /api/v1/courses/:course_id/ass...
    Kiko Carisse
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  • How to Delete duplicate course imported by mistake

    I accidentally imported a copy of the same course I already have in my module.  How can I delete the copy of this course due to duplicates now created by me doing this by mistake.  Help?   Utahna
    Utahna Tavita
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  • Emailing students from Canvas

    Hi there, we've just moved over from Blackboard and I'm trying to find the equivalent of group mail in BB. I can only find announcements which will notify students there is information for them but which they have to ...
    Anne-Marie Green
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  • Family and Consumer Education. 

    I'm new Canvas and I teach 9-12 grade Family and Consumer Education.  Anyone else out there that we can connect and share information:)
    Danielle Bakeberg
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  • Custom Help Menu for Mobile

    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   TL;DR Custom Help Menus created by individual institutions should be accessible to their students, teachers, observers through the Canvas Mobile Apps. ...
  • How often should this group meet?

    Please share your thoughts on how often you think this group should meet. Include the following:   How often should we meet? How long should each meeting be? Where should we meet?
    David Zukor
    created by David Zukor
  • MN Canvas User Group

    4/19/18 8:00 AM
    Come meet up with other Canvas users from across Minnesota. We will get to know each other and share our experiences as Canvas users. Bring your questions and examples of how you are using Canvas in your district!
    David Zukor
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    MN Canvas User Group
  • Inaugural Minnesota Canvas User Group Meeting

    We have floated the idea before about setting up a local Canvas User Group. I am finally getting my act together to invite you all to a meeting! I am proposing that we meet on Thursday, April 19th from 9:00 - 12:00 PM...
    David Zukor
    created by David Zukor