Have any SSW or School Counselors set up services using canvas?
    Liz Maher
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  • How do i post a file to a specific group of students out of a class?

    I am wanting to upload answer keys to specific students, i can see that when putting the file into a Module i can choose the option that students require a link to gain access ti the file, however i'm having...
    Trevor Jenkins
    created by Trevor Jenkins
  • "Send Comment to Entire Group" in Discussions

    Please bring this feature back!   I used to be able to "send comment to entire group" when working within small groups in graded Discussions.  I no longer have that feature.  Has something changed?...
    Maude Yacapsin
    created by Maude Yacapsin
  • Printing out learning outcome id with criterion_id in rubric_assessment (student submission grades)

    I am trying to get data for outcomes in relation to rubric criterion for graded outcomes. I can get the students outcome grades fine, passing in include[][rubric_assessment] to /api/v1/courses/:course_id/ass...
    Kiko Carisse
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  • How to Delete duplicate course imported by mistake

    I accidentally imported a copy of the same course I already have in my module.  How can I delete the copy of this course due to duplicates now created by me doing this by mistake.  Help?   Utahna
    Utahna Tavita
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  • Emailing students from Canvas

    Hi there, we've just moved over from Blackboard and I'm trying to find the equivalent of group mail in BB. I can only find announcements which will notify students there is information for them but which they have to ...
    Anne-Marie Green
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  • Family and Consumer Education. 

    I'm new Canvas and I teach 9-12 grade Family and Consumer Education.  Anyone else out there that we can connect and share information:)
    Danielle Bakeberg
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  • How often should this group meet?

    Please share your thoughts on how often you think this group should meet. Include the following:   How often should we meet? How long should each meeting be? Where should we meet?
    David Zukor
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