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Tuesday Teaching Tip #7

Blog Post created by Del Helms on Nov 3, 2017

In our ongoing effort to assist you with our transition to Canvas I will share some insights, opportunities and updates related to Canvas.

Assigning Extra Credit in Canvas

One of the things I have found particularly enjoyable with using Canvas is their excellent repository of tutorials and information pages they have created to support their product.
As a teacher who reluctantly will give students extra credit I needed to learn how to be able to perform this function as there was no easy and apparent way to do so.  Well… I didn’t seem to find a way!  As an aside, I find it fascinating that some students will drive five hours to attend a three hour event to earn five extra credit points, but they won’t study for an exam worth 100 points.

Anyways… assigning extra credit points in Canvas is fairly simple.  There are basically four ways instructors can award extra credit:

  • Create a new assignment with no submission
  • Add extra points to an existing assignment
  • Add fudge points to a quiz
  • Create extra credit within a rubric

Please reference the detailed description: How Do I Give Extra Credit  in a Course? for additional information.


You need an account to attend the Canvas Training webinars.  To set up your FREE account go to: Canvas Training and follow the directions provided.


Canvas is constantly updating their product.  A couple of the changes they have made that I thought you might find useful are an accessibility checker, the ability to have a range of scores in a rubric rather than fixed scores only and an enhanced ability to add and edit media within the Rich Content Editor.  Additionally, Canvas has rebranded their Canvas app and renamed it “Canvas Student app”.  This became necessary when Canvas released their “Canvas Teacher app” this summer.  The Canvas Teacher app has some added improvements since its release in the summer.  I have provided links for each of the updates if you are interested in learning more about them.

Canvas Updates

Accessibility Checker

Range-based rubrics

Teacher App Enhancements

Improved ability to add and edit media


If you need help, please remember to use the Help area within Canvas:

Weekday Canvas Support (951) 487-3767
Weekdays Only: M-TH 8am - 5:30pm F 8am-12pm PST

After Hours Canvas Support Hotline: (877) 891-6965

Nights/Weekends/Holidays Only, M-TH 6pm - 8am Friday after 12pm PST Sat/Sun all hours


or you can submit a help request to