Del Helms

Tuesday Teaching Tip #10

Blog Post created by Del Helms on Nov 28, 2017

As the end of the semester approaches you may wish to consider downloading your grades, if you used the Grades area in Canvas this semester. 
I mention this tip because one habit I have followed for years is to download the grades for a class right before I drop any students and at the end of the semester.  Although Canvas is cloud based and grade records are archived, it can save you time and energy to regularly download a copy of your grades.  It is very simple to do.

Please view the excellent documentation in the Canvas Guides for “How do I download grades?”

Keep the downloaded CSV file (the CSV file can opened with Microsoft Excel) just in case you need to reference it at a later date.


Student records are removed from a course within a week after the date that final grades are required to be posted in Eagle Advisor.   
Please know that course content is not removed from Canvas and will remain available to instructors indefinitely.


Finally, I wish to remind you of a service available for FREE to all California Community College faculty members, the Professional Learning Network.  Included on the PLN site are links to online micro trainings (one to three minutes) from Grovo… I highly recommend the managing email series.  There is also online access to the vast library of tutorials from  I highly recommend their Excel series where you can learn to use Excel to share data with your students. 
One of the things I do in Excel is use it to open my exported grades from Canvas and to create a bar chart of test grades and compare the test grades with quiz scores to show the correlation between high quiz scores and higher test scores.  
Grovo, Lynda and other services available on the PLN site are free!!!