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Gideon Williams
Click to view contentWe have Office365 and I want to embed a PowerPoint in a Canvas Page. Now I know you cannot do it through the integration but when I go to Office365 (), I can choose share and get an iframe embed code eg with Word   When I copy this into a Canvas Page I can see the resulting document embedded...However, when colleagues look at the page - they… (Show more)
Amy  Worth
Quiz Questions and Question Banks    Existing quiz questions are not in unfilled questions in question banks?   I have read here that existing quiz questions should have a copy in question banks automatically.  This is not the case, we have many quizzes, with many many different questions, however the quiz questions in these quizzes are not in… (Show more)
Gideon Williams
Not sure if anyone from Microsoft looks at this but this would be a welcome addition to the Cloud Assignment feature.   1. Upload a PDF to the Cloud Assignment 2. Open the Assignment in Edge (which has PDF editing functionality though the stylus/hand) 3. Submit assignment with annotations in place!   Certainly would fulfil plenty of… (Show more)
Tammy Esteves
I know there is an integration of Microsoft Office 365 with Canvas for documents, collaboration, etc. Does anyone know if it is possible to have a link in a Canvas course to our Office 365 Teams Chat? 
Sara Frizelle
Hello All, We are a K-13 school and are just beginning to roll out Canvas. We have a large number of teachers who are using OneNote. We have installed the OneNote LTI - and now I'm trying to wrap my head around how the 2 work together. I have had a play - but I am really keen to see it in action with real classes.   I know this is a big ask -… (Show more)
Ryan Corris
I am having fun exploring the Office 365 Cloud Assignments and finding new ways to use it.  One of the newest things I have found is a way to turn a single cloud assignment into multiple assignments.  For example, a teacher assigns a journal entry for every week of the grading period, which is nine weeks long.  Each week the teacher has a… (Show more)
Alannah Roach
I am trying to set up an Office365 Cloud assignment, but for some students it is loading as a read-only file instead of an editable file. Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening and what I can do to fix it? The URL for the assignment is the same for both students that it works for, and those that it doesn't. I am wondering if it is… (Show more)
Kristin Lundstrum
Is anyone utilizing Canvas with iPads and OneNote Class Notebook? I have some questions like why isn’t a pdf automatically opening in OneNote from canvas when a student selects open in (pdf is pulled from google Drive)? Also, when a student opened a word doc from canvas to OneNote, it didn’t open it as a printout so they couldn’t write on it. I… (Show more)
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