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Bobby Pedersen
I love creating environments for students to write creatively. Seeing students engage with words and proudly share their work makes me burst with the joy of teaching. Recently I was asked to share some ideas on how to use Canvas for teaching writing. Here are some of the ideas that were shared: Writing Logs Set up each student with their own… (Show more)
Sara Frizelle
Hello All, We are a K-13 school and are just beginning to roll out Canvas. We have a large number of teachers who are using OneNote. We have installed the OneNote LTI - and now I'm trying to wrap my head around how the 2 work together. I have had a play - but I am really keen to see it in action with real classes.   I know this is a big ask -… (Show more)
Hasan Yildirim
A lot of things are happening.   The following item has been been updates within the office365 user voice. Please use your Vote and make it happen so we can move forward into a full integration of MS TEAMS and CANVAS LMS.    Upvote it en leave comments for CANVAS integration. #LTI #Office365     LTI Integration – Tell us what you think 
Gideon Williams
Click to view contentWe have Office365 and I want to embed a PowerPoint in a Canvas Page. Now I know you cannot do it through the integration but when I go to Office365 (), I can choose share and get an iframe embed code eg with Word   When I copy this into a Canvas Page I can see the resulting document embedded...However, when colleagues look at the page - they… (Show more)
Kathy Pinkowsky
Click to view contentDoes anyone have experience creating assignments in OneNote's Class Notebook with Canvas? We enabled OneNote in one of our Canvas classes, and I was able to go through Canvas to make a notebook and add students to it, but when I go to create an assignment in the notebook, I get the following error message. I get the same message if I try to create… (Show more)
Ryan Corris
We have several teachers in our district that have begun using the O365 Cloud Assignment. Teachers and students both seem to like them very well.  I am curious to know how others are using them and how they are working out.   office365 lti office365 cloud assignment
Gideon Williams
Incredibly disappointing to find that Cloud Assignments are not working. No information shared about this and the first I know is (by chance) when I was testing one for a colleague.   We have first line support and I contacted Canvas. I then spend a lot of time explaining what the issue was and then having to wait to find that there was a… (Show more)
Joseph Avneri
Just promoting this idea I have voted for: Collaborations - add template document     This is to allow template documents to be selected as a collaboration as well as make a copy for each group to work on.  Currently there is no quick way of doing this - for example if you have 30 groups of students and you want each group to collaborate on their… (Show more)
Gideon Williams
Colleagues   Would like to bring your attention to this post which you may not have seen as was not added to the Office365 group.   Office365 integration and Masquerade/Become - Data Security concerns    Not sure how many are aware of this? I have raised this with our CSM as an urgent issue.
Joseph Avneri
I've created an idea which is listed below based on providing more functionality up-front in Canvas (for Office 365 collaborations) for instructors to track / identify what students have contributed in a collaboration.    I'm interested to find out what other institutions are doing in terms of identifying who contributed what, tracking that and… (Show more)
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