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Gideon Williams
Click to view contentCan someone check their instance of Office365 integration and tell me if they are also seeing style/formatting issues with they click on OneDrive?   No-one has reported this yet and it has been an issue for over a week.   For example, the breadcrumbs trail looks like this:   And the Date and file size features look like this:   Also… (Show more)
Gideon Williams
Click to view contentWe have Office365 and I want to embed a PowerPoint in a Canvas Page. Now I know you cannot do it through the integration but when I go to Office365 (), I can choose share and get an iframe embed code eg with Word   When I copy this into a Canvas Page I can see the resulting document embedded...However, when colleagues look at the page - they… (Show more)
Gideon Williams
Hi Canvas   Who can I contact at Microsoft to ask when we will see improvements and updates to the integration?   It has been a long time since it came out and more developments would be warmly welcomed.
Gideon Williams
Just watched a demo of the Google integration with Canvas - Canvas LMS and LTIs = RAD - YouTube    The URL assignment submission from Google Docs creates a live document embedded directly into Speedgrader. It looks absolutely amazing.   Why can't we have this with Office365 integration? The Office365 integration has so many extra steps and… (Show more)
Emily Bennett
In Canvas, the Student role is most commonly used to enroll users who will participate in a course for course credit. Users enrolled as Students can view course content and participate in course assignments and communications. Students cannot view and participate a course until it is published and the course has started. Other course-level user… (Show more)
David Willmore
Hello, We are currently experiencing a problem with an Office 365 LTI linked Word Document.  For a few people in the course, the link fails to produce the document.   The error on the screen reads, "You are not allowed to view this content."  When we look at the browser traffic, we find that a 503 error was returned.    That error normally means… (Show more)
Emily Bennett
Hi guys! Our higher education institution has been working with Canvas for just over a year. During this time, this community was very helpful in our doubts and so we would like to share our curated community links. Thanks to all of you who share your discoveries and experiences with Canvas, all have been very valid.   Oi pessoal! Nossa… (Show more)
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