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I am having fun exploring the Office 365 Cloud Assignments and finding new ways to use it.  One of the newest things I have found is a way to turn a single cloud assignment into multiple assignments.  For example, a teacher assigns a journal entry for every week of the grading period, which is nine weeks long.  Each week the teacher has a different prompt for the journal entries. Instead of creating nine different assignments, it is possible to create one Office 365 Cloud Assignment and attach a different file to it every week.  Each week the students go back to the same assignment.  When they open the same assignment with the new file attached, the new file will open.  Since students can submit over and over again, each week, the new file will be submitted to the cloud assignment.



Title of Cloud Assignment:  Weekly Journal Entries

Title of files to be attached to cloud assignment:  Journal 1, Journal 2, Journal 3, etc.


  1. Week one...
    1. Teacher creates O365 Cloud Assignment called Weekly Journal Entries and attaches the file Journal 1.
    2. Students open Weekly Journal Entries, edit Journal 1, and submit it.
  2. Week two...
    1. Teacher edits O365 Cloud Assignment called Weekly Journal Entries and attaches the file Journal 2.
    2. Students open Weekly Journal Entries, edit Journal 2, and submit it.
  3. Week three...
    1. Teacher edits O365 Cloud Assignment called Weekly Journal Entries and attaches the file Journal 3.
    2. Students open Weekly Journal Entries, edit Journal 3, and submit it.
  4. Repeat the process as necessary.



Benefits of using the Office 365 Cloud Assignment in this manner include...

  • All journal entries can be accessed from the same assignment in Speedgrader.
  • If you want to grade the journal entries along the way, you could add a rubric to the cloud assignment and make each category on the rubric represent one journal entry.  That way you could grade the entries as they are turned in by assigning points to the "week" on the rubric.  (9 journal entries...9 items on the rubric) 


Considerations of using the cloud assignment this way...

  • Before attaching a new file, make sure that ALL students have submitted the assignment.  Once you attach the new file, students will not be able to submit the previous file.
  • What should the due date be set to?  From my experience...what ever you want.  You could set the due date to the end of the grading period/semester.  Unfortunately, there will not be a weekly reminder in the "To Do" list or on the course calendar.  A better suggestion might be to change the due date every time you attach a new file for the week.  I have found that changing the due date every time I change the file seems to work.  It gives the students the weekly notification in their "to Do" list and shows up weekly on the calendar.  (Just realize it will disappear from previous weeks on the calendar as well.)


Please share your experiences as well if you try this with Office 365 Cloud Assignments.  I look forward to your sharing!


office365 lti cloud assignment

I thought I would share another finding regarding the Office 365 Cloud Assignments that I discovered today.  I am guessing others may have found this too, but I did not see anything in the community group and decided to share in case it might help someone else as well.


If you have explored Office 365 Cloud Assignments at all, you know that they can not be group assignments.  However, that does not mean they cannot be collaborative. When a student opens a cloud assignment for the first time, the file that the teacher attached/linked to the cloud assignment is copied into the students own OneDrive account.  Once it is in the students own OneDrive account, all they have to do is share it with members of his/her group  and everyone in the group can work on/edit the document at the same time.  Of course the student that opened the cloud assignment and shared it with his/her group would be the one that needs to submit the cloud assignment.


The teacher should make sure there are explicit instructions on how to ID members of that group since only one student will be able to submit the assignment for the group.


office365 lti cloud assignment