• Development of Cloud Assignments - PDF Annotation

    Not sure if anyone from Microsoft looks at this but this would be a welcome addition to the Cloud Assignment feature.   1. Upload a PDF to the Cloud Assignment 2. Open the Assignment in Edge (which has PDF edit...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Canvas/OneNote Demo

    Hello All, We are a K-13 school and are just beginning to roll out Canvas. We have a large number of teachers who are using OneNote. We have installed the OneNote LTI - and now I'm trying to wrap my head around how t...
    Sara Frizelle
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  • iPad/Canvas/OneNote Class Notebook

    Is anyone utilizing Canvas with iPads and OneNote Class Notebook? I have some questions like why isn’t a pdf automatically opening in OneNote from canvas when a student selects open in (pdf is pulled from google...
  • Developments at Sydney #CanvasCon?

    Following the CanvasCon tweets from Sydney and a number of attendees have mentioned more developments from Office365:   Have tweeted both but anyone know what they could be?
    Gideon Williams
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  • Where is the Embedding?

    Seriously disappointed to read this from the Google Integration:   "Google Apps displays a Google Drive icon in the Rich Content Editor. The icon displays everything in a user’s Google Drive account and al...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Classroom Notebook-Student Exports

    Some of our seniors that are moving on wanted to take their entire notebook with them but don't know if they will have an office license in college. They can export the entire notebook to a pdf but the teacher annotat...
    Melissa Buonato
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  • News about - LTi - integration MS TEAMS - CANVAS

    A lot of things are happening.   The following item has been been updates within the office365 user voice. Please use your Vote and make it happen so we can move forward into a full integration of MS TEAMS ...
    Hasan Yildirim
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  • Is anyone using the Office 365 Cloud Assignment?

    We have several teachers in our district that have begun using the O365 Cloud Assignment. Teachers and students both seem to like them very well.  I am curious to know how others are using them and how they are w...
    Ryan Corris
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  • Cloud Assignments not working...

    Incredibly disappointing to find that Cloud Assignments are not working. No information shared about this and the first I know is (by chance) when I was testing one for a colleague.   We have first line support ...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Group collaborations and templates

    Just promoting this idea I have voted for: Collaborations - add template document     This is to allow template documents to be selected as a collaboration as well as make a copy for each group to ...
    Joseph Avneri
    created by Joseph Avneri
  • Collaborations - tracking functionality

    I've created an idea which is listed below based on providing more functionality up-front in Canvas (for Office 365 collaborations) for instructors to track / identify what students have contributed in a collabor...
    Joseph Avneri
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  • Anyone doing cool stuff with OneNote they can share

    Hey my fav community :wave:   Im keen to hear stories of creative ways teachers are using OneNote in Canvas to enhave their teaching. I have been experimenting with it as a powerful portfolio tool but I am sure ...
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  • Office365 Thoughts

    Here is a blog post I have just written about Office365. Office365 Integration - I am really concerned...!    It mainly concerns issues with links to files and the sharing of resources within...
    Gideon Williams
    created by Gideon Williams
  • What to do if you are having issues with your Class Notebook.

    After one of our users accidentally moved their class notebooks folder in one drive we had to do several things to get the desktop and cloud version syncing before the user could see student notebooks and distribute p...
    Melissa Buonato
    created by Melissa Buonato
  • Google and O365

    We have used Google for years and have had the Google Integration turned on for awhile.  We have had desktop versions of Office for a few years but we are now  beginning to use O365.  We plan to turn on...
    Teri Ross
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  • Recommendations for best practice

    Our College just got Office365 and hasn't formally started using it yet. What best practices, suggestions, hints/tricks, things to avoid do you recommend?   Thanks!
    Kona Jones
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  • Office365 Content and Teachers

    A far more effective work flow is to get teachers adding content directly from their OneDrive for Business accounts. This has two main benefits: Reduces the extra number of steps involved eg uploading to Files area ...
    Gideon Williams
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  • 365 VS. Desktop Office VS. Google

    Hi! We use google drive for everything, but I have had a lot of teachers (mainly CTE-they are teaching Microsoft) asking about using the Microsoft integration. Is 365 the same as the desktop versions, in terms of func...
    Josh Frielich
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  • Top 10 "To-Do's" When Getting Started with O365 and Canvas

    Well Hello! With so many wonderful resources out there, I would like to try to create a quick "Top 10" space for teachers who have access to both O365 and Canvas. Where should they start? What are some awesome tips t...
    Collin Lane
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  • Office 365 and engineering

    What tools generate office compatible files and can be used for engineering students? Do share your best kept secrets