• Top 10 "To-Do's" When Getting Started with O365 and Canvas

    Well Hello! With so many wonderful resources out there, I would like to try to create a quick "Top 10" space for teachers who have access to both O365 and Canvas. Where should they start? What are some awesome tips t...
    Collin Lane
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  • Office 365 and engineering

    What tools generate office compatible files and can be used for engineering students? Do share your best kept secrets
  • O365 File Duplication

    When I select the file I want to use for my O365 Cloud assignment (during the External Tool submission type selection), it creates a copy in OneDrive.  This mean that if I want to use the same file term after ter...
    Tasha Biesinger
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  • Curious about using O365

    We are an O365 university and  K-12 school. Currently, the K-12 school is considering implementing O365 into our Canvas courses. What are some issues that should consider before implementing? Are there any p...
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  • Office 365 + Mobile?

    Shortly after this integration was announced, Matt Hanes wrote Office 365 + Canvas Mobile which took an in-depth look at how Office 365 functioned on a mobile device. Are there any schools out there that leverage Offi...
  • Assignment with Restrict Upload File Types

    I'm not sure if this is "bug". It seems submitting files via O365 will bypass the "Restrict Upload File Types". Is there anyway to prevent this?
    Mu He
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  • Just Starting with O365 Integration

    At NMSU we are an O365 school.  We just turned on the O365 integration this semester and have had a number of positive comments from students and faculty.  Students like that they can submit an assignment di...
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  • O365: First Steps

    My institution is excited at the prospect of integrating O365 into Canvas. We're just getting started, so I don't have much to share right now, but I feel confident knowing this group is here to bring questions to whe...
  • Accessible Canvas Content - 'How To' resources

    Hi all,   I wanted to put this out to the community, even though some of you I'm sure have seen it, because of the increasing mandate for 'web/content accessibility'. This is truly a valuable webinar series on '...
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  • How does Ofc 365 store user credentials

    We're testing the Ofc 365 integration in our Test Canvas instance.  Surprised it was not set up as a registered service in Canvas.  For security reasons, we would like to understand how these credentials are...