• Collaborations - tracking functionality

    I've created an idea which is listed below based on providing more functionality up-front in Canvas (for Office 365 collaborations) for instructors to track / identify what students have contributed in a collabor...
    Joseph Avneri
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  • Collaboration issues

    Our Collaborations using O365 were working fine and today they give "unexpected error occurred"    Anyone else having this issue? 
    Mike Scheid
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  • Office 365 Viewer instead of SpeedGrader?

    I found this line in the Canvas Release notes for Office365 integration  and Speedgrader:   "The Office 365 LTI includes an Office 365 viewer, which can be used to preview office documents in SpeedGrader an...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Modern Authentication

    Baylor University just rolled out mandatory two-factor authentication to Office365 to combat the wave of phishing attacks hitting Higher Education this week and last.  For almost everything, this was a trouble-fr...
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  • Office365 integration issues...

    Our integration has stopped working. Links I post from my OneDrive can only be seen by me and the page is BLANK for everyone else.   All those help guides and resources INVISIBLE!   Shambolic.   Stil...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Anyone doing cool stuff with OneNote they can share

    Hey my fav community :wave:   Im keen to hear stories of creative ways teachers are using OneNote in Canvas to enhave their teaching. I have been experimenting with it as a powerful portfolio tool but I am sure ...
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  • Changing Office 365 Authorized Account

    Hi everyone I have searched for this on the community but haven't been able to find anything to help me as yet.  I'm the account admin and need to change the Authorized Office 365 account that is linked to my pro...
    Kerri Buttery
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  • External tool

    Having trouble with external tool. Some students cannot open the assignment using office 365 LTI. What might be the problem?
  • Exporting course content with O365 assignments. How can the security be directed to a new teacher?

    We have teachers who rotate teaching subject but want to share content. One teacher created assignments using O365 word documents. The new teacher has the links but the permissions prevent them from opening.
    Melissa Buonato
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  • Office365 LTI

    As the Canvas Admin, I've added the Office 365 LTI.  I can see it in my course navigation menu however, the teachers do not see it in their course navigation.  When they go to the Course Settings, the App is...
    Pam Schachern
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  • Is Microsoft Stream going to be included in the Office 365 integration anytime soon?

    Clint Jacobsen
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  • Office365 Thoughts

    Here is a blog post I have just written about Office365. Office365 Integration - I am really concerned...!    It mainly concerns issues with links to files and the sharing of resources within...
    Gideon Williams
    created by Gideon Williams
  • Multiple file submission to canvas group assignment

    I need some advice about submission of multiple files to a group submission area   Requirements: No requirement for groups to use canvas groups  or O365 etc to collate or evidence work - not desire to...
    Nicola Langton
    created by Nicola Langton
  • (Parent) Observers in Collaborations??

    Prior to our Collaborations feature 'going south' we were seeing our Parents appearing in the list of people to create a collaboration with. The parents are added as observers in our instance.   Has anyone else ...
    Gideon Williams
    created by Gideon Williams
  • Frustrations with 'multiple' logins

    Does anyone know how to prevent the continual SharePoint Login popup appearing when we link files from our SharePoint eg  It is hugely frustrating..   When we sign on with Canvas at home we already go th...
    Gideon Williams
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  • How does the integration of Office Mix into PowerPoint as a standard Record feature impact its use with Canvas?

    Through my Office 365 account, I have received notice that Office Mix is/has been discontinued as an add-in and the features incorporated as a standard Recording feature in PowerPoint.  In the notifications, it i...
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • Turning a O365 Cloud Assignment into a Collaborative Assignment

    I thought I would share another finding regarding the Office 365 Cloud Assignments that I discovered today.  I am guessing others may have found this too, but I did not see anything in the community group and dec...
    Ryan Corris
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  • What to do if you are having issues with your Class Notebook.

    After one of our users accidentally moved their class notebooks folder in one drive we had to do several things to get the desktop and cloud version syncing before the user could see student notebooks and distribute p...
    Melissa Buonato
    created by Melissa Buonato
  • Issue with O365 integration, all browsers and SharePoint Online

    Anyone notice a recent issue with Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox and O365 LTI.   Staff not able to access linked file. When they click on the Sign in button on SharePoint online they just get a blank pop-u...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Teacher: Office 365 Integration

    Open video

    Renee Carney
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