• Issue with O365 integration, all browsers and SharePoint Online

    Anyone notice a recent issue with Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox and O365 LTI.   Staff not able to access linked file. When they click on the Sign in button on SharePoint online they just get a blank pop-u...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Retirement of Office Mix: What are the alternatives?

    Hi all,   We have really loved using Office Mix and the Office Mix LTI in Canvas. Now that Microsoft has announced the retirement of Office Mix Migrate your content from Office Mix - PowerPoint  I...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Concern with LTI Permission request!

    A colleague raises concerns about adding the O365 LTI as it mentions that Office365 LTI Prod DUB needs permission to: • Have full access to all files you have access to   • Sign you i...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Login not working

    I added the Office 365 LTI shortly after it was released, but I confess I haven't used it much as we mostly use Google Drive. (We have both services active.)    I'm doing some testing now and am having issu...
    Jason Paddock
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  • Analytics issues with Office Mix Integration

    I'm currently looking into an issue with an Office Mix that has integrated quiz questions.   The mix is integrated into a Canvas module and the quiz questions for all of the students have funneled into the Canva...
    Kenneth Rogers
    created by Kenneth Rogers
  • How do we embed O365 into canvas page?

    In this video at the 40 second mark it shows Embed of a word doc within canvas. My LTI integration does not work that way, it links. How do we do this?
    Mike Scheid
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  • Files added to Folders I did not put there!

    Our Office365 LTI is behaving oddly. When I try to find files from my folder I get a whole load of addition files appearing that should not be there.   It appears that the files are sitting outside of the f...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Collaboraton Questions

    I confess that this is probably a pretty basic workflow question, but in testing Collaborations with Word, Excel and PP I noticed that creating a new document or slideshow appears to work fine, but I cannot quite figu...
    Rob Gibson
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  • Using Office 365 to authenticate user -is it free?

    Hi all,    I have a question regarding cost attached in using O365 credentials to authenticate users in canvas.   Our institution has a 'Office 365 for Education 100% Free' package with Microsoft and ...
  • Any updates on O365 at #instcon17?

    Keen to know if anything was mentioned about any further developments....   ....I live in hope with embedding
    Gideon Williams
    created by Gideon Williams
  • Does the office 365 work with collaborations? How do you select your file name?

    How do you choose a specific file? Do you need a path and file extension?
    Melissa Buonato
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  • How hard is it to setup Cloud Assignments with O365 if the students do not have accounts in O365? 

    How hard is it to setup Cloud Assignments and Collaborations with O365 if the students do not have accounts in O365?  Currently, only the staff have accounts.  According to the recorded CanvasLive, it is pos...
    Pam Schachern
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  • O365 Sharing settings? (perhaps?)

    I'm having some issues getting things to work. Can someone share what the default sharing settings are in their O365 instance? This way I can have a more effective and efficient conversation with our O365 admins. ...
    Adrienne Gauthier
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  • Office365 replacing Crocodoc in SpeedGrader?

    In the Office 365 release notes, I see this phrase which confuses me. SpeedGrader The Office 365 LTI includes an Office 365 viewer, which can be used to preview office documents in SpeedGrader and overrides any other ...
  • Resolved: Error: "couldn't find valid settings for this link"

    Reinstalling the LTI resolved this issue.   Testing Ofc 365 LTI.  Installed on our Production instance of Canvas via XML.  Login as user who is a Teacher in a course.  Can create a collaboration f...
  • Office 365 Student test accounts

    Hi,   We're currently developing O365 within a test instance of Canvas, due to launch in the summer. How have other admins found testing the LTI with respect to student accounts?  Testing using SSO is prov...
    Phillip Rothwell
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  • Error Message in Collaborations

    Hello, Not sure if this question has been asked yet but couldn't find anything under search. When we try to add a new collaboration, we're getting the attached error message. Have I set it up incorrectly? Have used i...
    Suzanne Warner
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  • Minimum config settings of Office 365, for each feature used in CANVAS LTI

    Hi all, looking for documentation on the Office 365 LTI and the recommended settings required across an enterprise Office 365 instance for staff and students. I can see help guides for students and teachers ... but im...
  • Issue with File Preview

    At our institution, the Office 365 integration is preventing any Microsoft file uploaded from a user's computer into the Rich Content Editor or the Files section from previewing. When they click on the File, they get ...
  • Office 365 for student Portfolio

    Hi! We are moving to Canvas over the coming months and are also institutionally adopting Office 365 for staff and students. This seems like a great opportunity to review approaches to how Student portfolios are faci...
    Phillip Rothwell
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