Kristin Lundstrum

Be Open to the Possibilities

Blog Post created by Kristin Lundstrum Champion on Feb 11, 2016

What does the phrase 'unlock the power Open Education' mean to you?


Open Education breaks down the barriers constructed by traditional education. As modern education began in classrooms and schools, we only had access to materials in printed forms. As technology has expanded, we received access to countless types of information. And now, because of the impressive capabilities to collaborate, educational resources and insight from experts has become widely available. Open Education is free, flexible, global, and collaborative. It’s exciting to see how education has changed, even in the last decade. As teachers, we need to embrace the depth of Open Education and be open to its possibilities!



Share a time when you leveraged OER for teaching and it (the resource or the experience) turned into something awesome!

I’ve networked with teachers online, and I have adopted and modified lessons that I would have not otherwise created. The added inspiration to my curriculum has encouraged me to be more creative and risk-taking. I have gained new perspectives about my teaching, and I feel that students are becoming better learners as a result. I love it when students find open information. With open-ended assignments, students need slightly different information, so being able to teach students how to research is valuable. It truly allows them to demonstrate their ability to research and to learn for the sake of learning. (...and I get excited about their genuine curiosities and abilities to research and evaluate sources independently!)



Name one (or more, if you want) OpenEd repositories or tools do you use and why?

Khan Academy and Google Art Project are my two favorite go-to sources. I am able to share experiences with students and provide new perspectives to classroom topics through videos, virtual walk-throughs, and credible texts. However, I love how limitless information is when browsing online. and are two others (of countless others) that has a lot of information.



Anything else about Open Education you want to share?

Personally, "Open Education" is more than just the location of's examining the format of my classroom and the delivery of content. Learning should be open-ended and flexible so all students have an inspirational experience.