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Unlocking OpenEd

Blog Post created by Laura Wojciechowicz Champion on Mar 2, 2016

What does the phrase 'unlock the power Open Education' mean to you?


Unlocking the power of Open Education means giving freedom to teach and empower students with knowledge.  In my large school district, coming across out dated materials is a common issue.  Open Education prevents teachers from becoming pigeon holed into only using what is provided by the district.  It provides flexibility, choice, and access. 


Share a time when you leveraged OER for teaching and it (the resource or the experience) turned into something awesome!


As an educational technology trainer, I do not have many opportunities to leverage OER for teaching.  However, I had a fun experience with a student (the daughter of a friend of mine) texting me her homework problems that were from an OER source that I have helped train.  It was fun to see the resource in action and being used. 


Name one (or more, if you want) OpenEd repositories or tools do you use and why?


MyOpenMath is one of my favorite OER.  Especially with the ability to create assignments directly in Canvas that provide students with feedback and the grade auto populates the Canvas Gradebook.  Teachers could even attach videos to the actual problems if they wanted and choose to have more than one version of the assignment with multiple attempts.  This helps teachers and students work smarter not harder. 


Anything else about Open Education you want to share (a poem, a music video, a wordle, a drawing...)?

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