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Blog Post created by on Mar 4, 2016

What does the phrase 'unlock the power Open Education' mean to you?

The key words in this question are "unlock" and "power". Knowledge is power, so providing educational resources to the masses that can't afford them is powerful on many levels. Unlocking these resources is the key (pun intended). The resources are locked behind walls of ignorance, monotony, and apathy.

  • Ignorance because those that have the power to unlock them are ignorant about their existence. Not intentionally, but there are less than 50 people in this group. The topic isn't on enough peoples radar.
  • Monotony because these are free, and you get what you pay for. Just as an example, a detailed search of available OER videos comes up with a massive quantity of 1 - 3 hours long videos. As an instructional designer I can tell you that no one is going to watch a 3 hour long video and learn anything. There are lots of lecture capture videos, with quality that you expect from lecture capture.
  • Apathy because it seems that no one cares, or has the time, to take this valuable content and turn it into something that is useful, that students can learn from. To keep it free would require dedicated individuals willing to put in their time and talents ... for free.

The fact that there is an OpenEd group is a positive thing. I hope people join this group because they want to make an impact, not because they want to share sources of material.

Share a time when you leveraged OER for teaching and it (the resource or the experience) turned into something awesome!

I wish I could say that I've done something to make an awesome difference, but like so many; who has the time? My work time is devoted to creating content that others use. While it's free to the ultimate user, it's not free because it's paid for by someone. It's not open because it's made for the instructor that requests it. While I do make use of OER when I can, it's not significant.


Name one (or more, if you want) OpenEd repositories or tools do you use and why?

I like OER Commons because it has a significant amount of content, from all over the world. I also like Creative Commons and Ted.


Anything else about Open Education you want to share (a poem, a music video, a wordle, a drawing...)?




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